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Personal Info

Name : Nyxi Leon

Date of Birth : August 2nd

Measurements : 28A – 26 – 32

Height : 5’3 (1.60m)

Hair Colour : Black

Eye Colour : Brown

Piercings : Septum

Years Active : 2018 – present

Number of Scenes : 10+

Nyxi Leon is a pretty petite porn star, model and cosplay enthusiast who has been thrilling fans since 2018. Best known for her compelling Two Tgirls collaborations and steamy Grooby solo scenes, Nyxi remains a fan-favorite performer who was nominated for “Best Girl/Girl Scene” at the 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards.

Nyxi Leon : Adult Film Career

Hailing from Wisconsin, Nyxi first started performing in porn in early 2018 and many of her earliest sex scenes were kink shoots with her friend and producer Tia Tizzianni. You can watch all of these raunchy femdom, fetish and BDSM videos via Tia Tizzianni’s official ManyVids account (). Nyxi also shoots exclusive videos and photo sets for her own official ManyVids account (‘’) and she hosts lusty live cam shows via Chaturbate (as ‘’).

A landmark moment in Nyxi’s adult film career occurred in May 2018 when she filmed some sizzling and scenes with Ally Sparkles for the popular porn site TwoTgirls.com. Nyxi also shot a kinky solo scene which was promoted via the TwoTgirls sister website TgirlPlaytime.com in May 2018. In particular, Nyxi and Ally’s compelling Tiny Teen Tgirl Cheerleaders Discover Sex scene earned them both high praise from prominent porn critic Caramel Black who enthusiastically stated in that;

“I’ve raved a few times about the incredible performances of Ally Sparkles here on Caramel’s TGirls. This is the first time I’m doing the same thing about Nyxi Leon but I’m not at all new to her beauty and talent. I’m a long-time fan from her work with an extraordinarily kink producer friend named Tia Tizzianni…The obvious sexual prowess of each girl makes it hard to guess who will top if you haven’t read the synopsis. The most surprising aspects of this fantastic TwoTgirls.com update for me are the cumming and the way Nyxi can fuck. I’m so used to seeing her as a bottom, I’m blown away by how versatile she is”.

Over the years Nyxi has filmed a wealth of raunchy role-plays for TwoTgirls.com. We recommend checking out Nyxi’s saucy and scenes with Chelsea Marie in July 2018. Most notably, Nyxi and Chelsea’s sensational If I Win, I Get To Fuck You scene was nominated for “Best Girl/Girl Scene” at the 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards. A must see sex scene for Nyxi Leon fans!

Wait, there’s even more. Fans of Nyxi Leon will also love watching her titillating and scenes with Kira Crash that were uploaded via TwoTgirls.com in October and November 2018. Nyxi and Kira’s Dick Or Treat scene even received an ardent endorsement from Caramel Black who highlighted in how;

“This could be my favorite TwoTgirls.com update of 2018! Kira doesn’t always top, nor does Nyxi, but switching is not a problem for either super sexy performer. But it’s Kira who takes the lead in this particular update and she does it with relentless enthusiasm. Nyxi makes Kira’s powerful ass pounding appear easier to handle than the average person. In other words, most people not working in the adult industry can fuck like this…Mayumi Sparkles directs Dick or Treat with the site’s original trademark humor before double entendre leads to the first exposure of cock and a sweet kiss. It’s hard to name which aspects I love most – the transition from clothed to full nudity, the contrast of each model’s bodies, or the chemistry between the girls…This is the type of railing where you wouldn’t be surprised that the bottom girl, Nyxi Leon, had to walk funny for the next few days. The trans lesbian intimacy is comical and light yet charmingly convincing”.

Hold on, it gets even better. In September 2018 Nyxi filmed her first ever solo scene for the Grooby Network porn site Femout.XXX. Titled , this steamy solo scene was directed by critically acclaimed cinematographer Omar Wax and it was unveiled via Femout.XXX with the hot description;

“We have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie today and we are sure you are going to fall in love with this cutie! Meet Nyxi Leon! Sassy and sexy with a petite frame, a great ass and a red hot ‘fuck me’ look in her eyes, she makes double-whammy debut appearances here on Femout and over on TGirls.Porn today. Make sure to keep an eye on this one! Nyxi is stunning!”.

Nyxi’s Femout.XXX debut also earned her another rave review from Caramel Black who conveyed in how;

It’s so gratifying to see a model I’m a fan of go from absolute beginner to a full-fledged porn star! That’s why I’m thrilled to blog about Nyxi Leon, but it won’t be the first time I’ve seen her deliver high caliber performances. It’s just my first for Nyxi’s latest studio work under the Grooby Productions umbrella…Incidentally, I’ve only seen her going solo on her Nyxi_Leon.ManyVids.com website. Even there, she’s only rarely all on her lonesome. But she’s absolutely fierce by herself too – well versed in the art of the striptease. Nyxi goes through a horny, yet clothed, breast fondling Femout.XXX sequence that leads to something that happens also before her mate arrives on TGirls.Porn…

The focus on her protuberant bottom is greater here in her solo performance, both with shorts on and fully nude. On top of that, this is perhaps one the finest solo work I’ve ever seen by Omar Wax and I seldom miss any of his productions. Nyxi’s masturbation sequence is exquisite. Be sure to subscribe to Femout.XXX to be there for her encore performance. I’m sure it will be spectacular!”.

On the very same day, Nyxi filmed her first ever hardcore scene for the Grooby Network porn site Tgirls.porn. Nyxi shared a that was released via Tgirls.porn in September 2018 with the tantalising description;

“SHOWTIME on the home of the hottest! Enter Nyxi Leon and Zana Banana – two fresh faced, young up and cummers who knock their site debuts well and truly out of the park today in this sensational hardcore brought to us by Omar Wax!”.

You’ll be happy to hear that Nyxi has continued to collaborate with Omar Wax on a wealth of sultry solo scenes for Femout.XXX. We recommend viewing Nyxi’s seductive scene in October 2018, her titillating shoot in December 2018 and her kinky scene in December 2018. Nyxi has even treated her fans to a raunchy hardcore scene with Tony Top in January 2019 and she shared a that was promoted via Tgirls.porn in February 2019. This unforgettable scene was highly recommended by Caramel Black who mentioned in that;

“There’s no need for a lot of plot development when presenting a scorching hot trans lesbian scene like this one on TGirls.Porn. Dressed in black lingerie, Nyxi approaches Eva in red, who’s sitting on an ottoman, like she’s her girlfriend. What is definitely necessary with a set-up like this is intimacy, however. I want to get the feeling that these girls are really into each other. I suspect that you do, too…The storyline reveals that they’re not living together, but spending the night together in a setting that looks more like a real home than some random hotel room. These gorgeous models are wearing makeup I wouldn’t even want to ruin early in the production. So there’s not a lot of lip touching. But the passion is there during the foreplay sequence…

Things really heat up moments after Eva lowers Nyxi’s panties, The oral sequence is breath-taking to watch…She[Nyxi]’s so versatile, I never know if she’s going to top, bottom or do both. She’s brilliant in the passive mode and here she is at her most seductively aggressive. Eva is newer to porn, but she’s incredible, a true natural performer that makes the hard work she does somehow look easy…The powerfully climactic ending of this TGirls.Porn update may be the finest I’ve ever seen on this incredible site”.

A definitive moment in Nyxi’s adult film career occurred in February 2019 when she filmed her first ever sex scene for the leading Grooby Network porn site Grooby Girls. Titled , this hot hardcore scene between Nyxi and Drake was shot by Omar Wax and it was released via Grooby Girls with the sizzling description;

“Finally, following her amazing Femout and TGirls.Porn features, the amazing Nyxi Leon graduates and makes her Grooby Girls debut today! And that’s not all – she’s going to introduce herself to Grooby Girls members with a brand new exclusive hardcore scene! This girl loves getting her ass pounded on camera! Here comes Drake to give Nyxi what she needs! Watch these two fucking in this week’s hot hardcore scene brought to you by Omar Wax!”.

Nyxi has also starred in some sensual Grooby Girls solo scenes. You’ll love viewing Nyxi’s seductive and scenes which were both promoted via Grooby Girls in April 2019. Not to be missed!

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