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Kira Crash – Personal Info

Name : Kira Crash

Alias : Sativa

Date of Birth: October 31st, 1993

Star Sign : Scorpio

Hometown : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (US)

Hair Colour : Brunette

Eye Colour : Brown

Years Active : 2014 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

2017 “Ms. Unique” Transgender Erotica Awards nominee Kira Crash is a stunning TS pornstar with a loyal fan base and an ever-expanding porn star portfolio. This fresh-faced starlet has attracted an international fan following due to her kinky transbian sex scenes, via Chaturbate and her scene-stealing performances with multiple best-selling Grooby Productions DVDs.

Kira Crash : Adult Film Career

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, brunette beauty Kira Crash made her adult film modelling debut in September 2014 when she filmed a saucy solo sex-toy themed shoot for the Grooby porn site Grooby Girls. Performing under the porn star stage name ‘Sativa’, Kira’s adult film modelling debut was titled and it was directed by Remy who has also collaborated with Kira on her October 2014 Grooby Girls solo sex scene .

After a two year adult film industry hiatus, Kira Crash made her triumphant return to Grooby Girls in April 2016 with a solo sex scene titled that was filmed by fellow TS star turned director Jamie French. Upon making her return to the adult entertainment industry, that she had changed her porn star stage name from ‘Sativa’ to ‘Kira Crash’;

“I’m changing my name to Kira Crash. I got great shoots lined up! checkout for my latest work”.

Since she resumed her adult film career, Kira Crash has collaborated with Jamie on her first ever transbian sex scene for in March 2016 which was titled and it was filmed by TS pornstar Eva Cassini. Kira and Jamie have since worked together on Kira’s July 2016 Grooby Girls solo shoot and the Grooby Productions DVD feature release TGirls Porn 2 (2016); both of which were directed by Jamie. Performing in TGirls Porn 2 also enabled Kira to collaborate with famous TS pornstars Chanel Santini, Eva Cassini, Vixxen Goddess, Chelsea Marie, Coco Dahlia, Baby Bratt, Crystal Sopen and Morena Black.

In May 2016 Kira Crash made her SM Strokers debut with a raunchy solo scene titled Sexy Trans Cow Girl Needs To Be Broken In Hard. This captivating cowgirl cosplay themed shoot received a rave review from adult film blogger Caramel Black who enthused within her review that;

“Sativa is where you’ll find this beauty on SM Strokers, but she’s changed her name to Kira Crash since this set was shot. I didn’t expect to see her in a ranch outfit, but she works it magnificently. Sativa is an absolute wizard at cosplay. I prefer when she displays her darker side, but it kicks in once she begins to get bukked nekkid…Sexy Trans Cow Girl Needs To Be Broken In Hard on SM Strokers is fantastic, but look for Sativa under the name Kira Crash in the future”.

Out of all of her porn star performances, Kira Crash has received the most praise for her transbian sex scenes. Kira made her debut in March 2016 with her medical role-play sex scene and her schoolgirl themed sex scene that were both filmed with Mayumi Sparkles.

Kira Crash has filmed a wealth of thrilling transbian sex scenes for this fan-favorite porn site. Among some of Kira’s most popular performances include; her three-way sex scene in April 2016 with Mayumi Sparkles and Candi McBride, her office role-play sex scene with Mayumi Sparkles in May 2016, her kinky cops caper with Cassidy Chase in June 2016, her saucy sex scene with Cassidy Chase in July 2016, and her sizzling schoolgirl themed sex scene in August 2016 that she filmed with Ms Sydney Farron; the list goes on!

Some of Kira’s most recent collaborations include her and sex scenes that were both filmed in October 2016 with Lena Kelly, her three-way festive frolic   which she filmed alongside Ms Sydney Farron and Mackenzie Rae in December 2016, her sizzling sex scene with Mackenzie Rae in December and most recently her raunchy sex scene with Sydney Farron that was first distributed at the end of December 2016. Kira loves filming these types of kinky sex scenes because they enable her to experiment with a wide range of cosplay quirks, fetish porn and BDSM content. After all, as Kira herself states via her profile;

“I have quite the vigorous sexual appetite. My favorite thing to do is eat ass, and I am very into the BDSM and fetish world. Submission is a huge turn on, and making my subs cater to my every desire touches a special place in my sexual being”.

In addition to her fan-favorite online sex scenes and popular TS DVDs, Kira Crash continues to host regular live chat sessions with her international fan following via the adult-cam site . Performing under the profile ‘‘, Kira loves hosting these public and private live chat sessions because they enable her to remain intimate with her devoted fan following.

In the months that followed, Kira Crash teamed up with award-winning TS pornstars Jamie French, Natalie Mars, Korra Del Rio, Shiri Allwood and Sarah Webb in order to film the Grooby Productions DVD sequel release (2017). Directed by Jamie French, Trans6uals 2 was officially debuted at the premiere screening for the award-winning Grooby Productions DVD (2016) and its raunchy teaser trailer showcased these rising TS starlets in what promises to be a marathon group transbian sex scene! Jamie French enthused about collaborating with Kira and her fellow TS starlets within for Trans6uals 2, highlighting how;

“Trans6uals II is a testament to professional ambition, hard work, a shared vision and newly forged friendships…With a limited budget and minimal resources, we were able to get six unique personalities to work together in perfect concert over the course of four days — all whilst having a total blast on set and off…I’m very happy with the end result and would like to thank everyone who helped to make ‘Tran6uals II’ such an amazing experience. I’m sure our audience will absolutely love it”.

Grooby Productions CEO Steven Grooby was similarly enthusiastic about the official launch of Trans6uals 2 within and he mentioned that;

“It’s not hyperbole to say that the first ‘Trans6uals’ was groundbreaking in its concept, and although the sequel follows the same format, it’s no less exciting…I believe this has been the most anticipated release of the last 12 months, with many fans contacting us via social network or directly since the cast was released in mid-2016…This DVD has brought together some of the cutest, hottest and most sought after trans performers and all shot beautifully, tastefully and very erotically. Fans of trans girls with trans girls will love this DVD and the unique style and humor which Jamie French delivers to us in ‘Trans6uals II,’ demonstrating her as one of the only auteurs in TS filmmaking today”.

Due to her show-stopping sex scenes and her sizzling feature movies performances, Kira Crash was nominated for the coveted title of “Ms. Unique” at the 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards. Stay updated on all of Kira Crash’s hottest sex scenes, exclusive web content and upcoming live cam shows using the links provided below!

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