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Jenny Flowers – Personal Info

Name : Jenny Flowers

Date of Birth : May 10th

Star Sign : Taurus

Hometown : Texas (US)

Height : 6’0 (1.83m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Shoe Size : Women’s 12 (US)

Years Active : 2015 – present

Number of Scenes : 10+

Blonde beauty Jenny Flowers is a fresh-faced TS starlet who has been taking the adult film industry by storm since 2016! Instantly recognizable by her piercing blue eyes and elegant elfin appeal, Jenny first began working in the adult entertainment industry as a webcam model and she has hosted a wealth of lusty live cam shows via Chaturbate under the screen names ‘Flower Puppy’ and .

During this time Jenny Flowers began to host some captivating couples live chat sessions with fellow rising starlet Scarlet Vice under the screen handle . Jenny thrives as a saucy submissive within these compelling live cam shows and she has conveyed via that she harbours a curious kinkster side. As Jenny puts it in her own words;

“My name is Jenny Flowers. I’m a gamer, avid music listener and occasionally performer, nature lover and, of course, a huge slut!…When it comes to attraction, I don’t care much about sex or gender, as long as you’re good in bed. Although I enjoy cuddles, kisses, giving head and riding cocks, I also have a secret kinky side. (Spank me please!)…I hope you enjoy watching my videos as much as I enjoy starring in them!”.

Jenny Flowers – Adult Film Career

Jenny’s first ever hardcore sex scene was a sizzling shoot with Mayumi Sparkles that was released via Mayumi’s pioneering porn site in July 2016. Jenny swiftly followed this saucy shoot with a thrilling three-way with sexy TS porn stars Kira Crash and Sydney Farron that was unveiled via in August 2016. Jenny’s terrific three-way earned her high praise once again from Caramel Black who commented in that;

“It’s Jenny Flowers’s first ever threesome! Both her first time fucking on camera and her first threesome are only on !…Jenny Flowers and Kira Crash are sitting around the house when Sydney Farron walks in the room with a game to play. A classic game featuring a spinner and a mat with dots, we’ll give you one guess as to which game it is! Sydney explains the rules, Kira thinks the game sounds boring! Kira has the idea that if the girls took off their clothes it would be a bit more fun. Jenny Flowers, being the innocent girl that she is, isn’t so sure about this idea. When she asks if she can keep her clothes on, Kira and Sydney laugh and help her strip down naked! The three girls begin the game. Before you know it Jenny Flowers is in an awful naughty position between Kira Crash and Sydney Farron!… You can download this torrid release on in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats”.

Over the years Jenny has become famous for her thrilling transbian scenes among which include her kinky shoot with Bailey Love in May 2017. Most recently, Jenny has starred in a steamy scene with Bailey Love that was promoted via in June 2017. Many of Jenny’s hottest hardcore collaborations have been featured within Mayumi Sparkles’ Two TGirls DVD compilation titles Two TGirls Volume 1 and 3 (2016-2017) also starring gorgeous TS porn stars Casey Kisses, Korra Del Rio, Kira Crash, Sydney Farron, Chelsea Marie, Jelena Vermilion, Michelle Firestone, Candi McBride, Kayleigh Coxx, Alisia Rae and Valentina Mia.

Jenny Flowers made her solo adult film modelling debut via the Grooby Network porn site Grooby Girls in September 2016 when she filmed some kinky and solo scenes. Jenny’s debut solo modelling shoots were filmed by popular porn photographer Omar Wax who has also directed her scenes in March 2017 and her captivating solo shoot in April 2017. Jenny’s lusty latex-clad fetish shoot has been wholeheartedly endorsed by adult film blogger Caramel Black who enthusiastically conveyed in how;

“This is the 4th Grooby Girls photo and video set for Jenny Flowers. That’s pretty good for someone with the unfair advantage of a trans model who sometimes seems hotter than humanly possible…

Jenny is also one of the best muses for producer Omar Wax and his lush backdrops ever. With this set I swear I could almost hear the latex asking, “Am I good enough for you, Miss?” I guess that’s why she’s called a latex “doll” in this update. But she comes to life quickly calling herself a naughty little slut with no one around to punish her when it begins”.

Over the course of her adult film career Jenny Flowers has filmed a broad spectrum of solo, hardcore and fetish content that have been promoted via several fan-favorite Grooby Network websites. Fans of Jenny Flowers will love viewing her raunchy hardcore shoot with Ruckus, titled , that was directed by Radius Dark and uploaded via Grooby Girls in July 2017 as well as her fantastic foot worship scenes with Cassidy Quinn that were directed by Radius Dark and uploaded via Foot Fetish TS in and . Jenny has since showcased her supple size 12 soles in a kinky foot fetish solo shoot that was distributed via Trans 500 in July 2017.

One of Jenny’s most popular Grooby Network web clips to date has been that was directed by Omar Wax and promoted via in August 2016. In fact, Jenny’s terrific three-way with Lana and Scarlet has even been featured within the Grooby Presents DVD compilation title TGirls Porn Volume 8 (2017).

In recent months Jenny has filmed a wealth of terrific transbian scenes for We recommend checking out that were directed by Omar Wax in April 2017 and which were directed by Radius Dark and unveiled via in May 2017. Jenny’s shoots have been highly recommended by adult film blogger Caramel Black – especially her fantastic femdom shoot with Coco Dahlia! As Caramel eagerly enthused within ;

“Here are some words about my favorite porn site’s update with two of the hottest stars out there filmed by one of the most awesome producers. The build-up filmed by Omar Wax is generated with Coco approaching Jenny with a tip from Jenny’s boyfriend about her not ever having played with another trans girl before. It’s the most dominant scene I’ve seen Coco in to date. Jenny confesses that she hasn’t been with another girl and she’s perhaps only thought about it a couple of times. Jenny is given a choice of giving her mouth up to another girl or posing on the balcony topless. But Coco gives Jenny little time to think about her choices and is made to stand up and has her pretty tits bared. Coco takes a few squeezes like a Mistress and leads Jenny outside…

Once Coco is satisfied that enough public humiliation has been employed, it’s time to move to Step #2. She guides the inexperienced and easily manipulated Jenny back inside and into the living room area. Standing across from Jenny, Coco pays her a compliment and gets a nervous one back in return. She then kisses the shy girl as it’s obvious that she’s getting turned on. When they sit on the sofa to continue making out, Coco says, “That’s a good little slut,” and Jenny doesn’t resist Coco’s touches across her private parts…

Coco Dahlia who has been on TGirls.Porn twice before makes the term “fully functional” seem ridiculous. I had no idea however that she could fuck so powerfully! Jenny Flowers who has been here once before (in a threesome) is the passive beauty in this incredible update!”.

Can’t get enough of Jenny’s terrific transbian scenes? Then you’ll love viewing her with Chelsea Marie that was unveiled via the Trans 500 porn site This titillating taboo relations scene has since been showcased in the Trans 500 DVD compilation title Trans On Trans Action (2017) for which Jenny and Chelsea posed as its captivating DVD cover models. As a matter of fact, Jenny has starred in several best-selling DVD compilation titles including Sammi Mancini’s Rodnievision/ Mancini Productions sequel release SM Strokers 89 (2017) alongside famous TS performers Natalie Mars, Bailey Love, Lana Solaire, River Enza and Xandrea Dawn.

What does the future hold for Jenny Flowers? Well, Jenny is due to appear in the upcoming Grooby Presents DVD compilation title Radius Dark’s TS Starlets Volume 3 (2017) alongside Amber Rembrandt, Marissa Minx, Erika and Kayleigh Coxx, as well as within Jim Powers’ latest Gender X feature release Transsexual Love Affair (2017) starring Alisia Rae, Kayleigh Coxx and Cassie Woods. In the meantime, Jenny continues to host with her global fan base via Chaturbate. As Jenny states via her official profile;

“Hi there, I’m Jenny Flowers! I’m a 20 year old transgirl living it up in Las Vegas. You may know me as Flower Puppy if you’ve been around for a while…I’m on here every day. What time? Either around 10 AM, 3 PM or 8 PM PST is when I get on. I don’t adhere to a strict schedule so I highly recommend you follow me, as I send out email notifications to all my followers right as I get on. :)”.

If you’d like to catch up on Jenny’s sauciest sex scenes and learn more about her upcoming porn productions then please feel free to use the links provided below to visit all of Jenny Flowers’ official social networking channels. Secure your spot within one of Jenny Flowers’ lusty live cam shows online today!

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