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Brittany St Jordan – Personal Info

Name : Brittany St Jordan

Alias : Britney

Date of Birth: January 16th

Star Sign : Capricorn

Hometown :  Palm Springs, California (US)

Measurements : 34C – 28 – 32

Height : 5’10 (1.78m)

Hair Colour : Brunette/Red/Blonde

Eye Colour : Brown

Piercings : Tongue and lower lip

Years Active : 2011 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

Brittany St Jordan is a sexy former TS pornstar, camgirl and model who has been thrilling fans since 2011. Even though Brittany St Jordan no longer performs in porn, her sensational sex scenes for Devil’s Film, Evil Angel and Grooby continue to attract a devoted international fan following. In fact, over the years Brittany St Jordan has received many notable “Transsexual Performer of the Year”, “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” and “Best Hardcore Performer” nominations at the AVN, Nightmoves, TEAs and Urban X Awards.

So where did it all begin? Well, Brittany St Jordan is a former Marine who decided to undergo hormone replacement therapy after she left active duty. Brittany has discussed via how she would have still left the Marine Corps if she had been allowed to transition whilst on active duty. As Brittany puts it in her own words;

“I still would have left. The everyday life of being a Marine is a very stressful existence. I knew it was my time to move on and see what life had in store for me after active duty was over with…I abhor the use of the word transition when used to discuss gender. A transitory state is from a definitive point to another definitive point. Gender is anything but that. It’s a constant evolution that changes on a daily basis. It’s a state of mind not genitals. No pills, no shots, and no surgery will ever define gender for me. It’s something I feel inside of me that is constantly moulded and shaped as I continue to embrace, accept and love new aspects of my inner self that are continually being awakened along the path of my journey”.

You may be interested to learn that Brittany St Jordan was a self-described ‘loner’ during these early years. As Brittany St Jordan divulged during her ;

“I was a loner and stuck to myself. I had a few people I considered friends, but it has always been me against the world. Even to this day, I do as much as I can on my own and only when I really need it will I reach out to someone else. It may sound awful to some, but there is a huge sense of satisfaction at the end of the day when I sit back and look at what I accomplished”.

Brittany St. Jordan : Adult Film Career

Brittany St Jordan first started working in the adult entertainment industry in May 2010 when she began to host lusty live cam shows via Chaturbate (as ‘’). Within just a few short months, Brittany St Jordan had attracted a loyal fan following so she decided to further promote herself via Facebook and Twitter.

It was during this time that Brittany St Jordan also began to meet and socialise with TS pornstars such as Morgan Bailey and Amy Daly who lived and worked within Los Angeles, California. Inspired by these performers, Brittany St Jordan contacted various porn networks and received a reply from Grooby CEO Steven Grooby who booked Brittany St Jordan’s first ever sex scenes for Grooby Girls in July 2010. As Brittany St Jordan has explained in previous interviews;

“The more I saw them and what they were doing. I got the urge to want to try it as well. So I sent an email with some photos to every TS site that I could get contact information for and told them I wanted to be a model…I was living on the East Coast at the time so the only one to reply was Steven form Grooby and he said I would be shooting for Grooby Girls. I did my first shoot in July and my first set went up in August and here I am today!”.

In this manner, Brittany St Jordan made her official adult film modelling debut in the summer of 2010 when she filmed some sultry solo scenes for the Grooby porn site Grooby Girls. Titled , this sizzling solo scene was released via Grooby Girls in August 2010. Brittany St Jordan received high praise from Grooby representatives who eagerly stated via Brittany’s ;

“Brittany St. Jordan really made my job easy and the experience a time to cherish. While she doesn’t have the biggest cock around she does want the biggest cock or toy or whatever she can find stuffed up that tight ass of hers. She really knows how to perform and I think her time on the web-cam really helped her to deliver an excellent show”.

Over the years, Brittany St Jordan has shot many sensational solo scenes for Grooby Girls. We recommend watching Brittany St Jordan’s steamy shoot in October 2010, her saucy scene in March 2011, her sizzling scene in May 2011, her sensual shoot in January 2014 and her kinky scene which was uploaded via Grooby Girls in April 2014.

Alongside her amazing solo scenes, Brittany St Jordan has also filmed some hot hardcore scenes for the Grooby porn sites Frank’s TGirl World, Grooby Girls and TGirls XXX. You’ll love viewing Brittany St Jordan’s saucy scene with Cane for Grooby Girls in December 2010 as well as her steamy and solo scenes which were both uploaded via Frank’s TGirl World in January and February 2011. Both of these sensational solo scenes were shot by Louie Damazo who ardently expressed via Brittany St Jordan’s official Frank’s TGirl World profile;

“I was lucky to catch Brittany when I was in Las Vegas for the AVN conference. Grooby Steven arranged the shoot on the only day we had available. She is a great girl. Very intelligent, like many of the newest girls that are entering the scene she has a real job and has made her transition without a problem in her job. I think she speaks well for the transgendered community”.

Most notably, Brittany St Jordan starred in a sizzling hardcore shoot that was promoted via the Grooby porn site TGirls XXX in October 2011. This raunchy web clip has since been showcased in the Grooby DVD SM XXX (2011) featuring sexy TS porn stars Ava Venus, Astrid Shay, Candi McBride, Jessica Fox and Jamie Page. This star studded movie was highly recommended by who stated in his March 2012 film review that;

“This film is full of amazing performances that continue to keep getting better. I also like the variety in the type of performances that these lovely ladies go through. There are high intensive ones as well as sensually heart-warming ones. It is a great smorgasbord of very hot tranny sex. Brittany St. Jordan, Astrid Shay, and Jessica give the most rousing and emotional performances. Moreover, the male talent also deserve much credit too. This film deserves to be nominated for Best Transsexual Release for next year’s award shows. I highly recommend it to all tranny lovers”.

Brittany St Jordan : Best-Selling Movies

A landmark moment in Brittany St Jordan’s career occurred in late 2011 when she was featured in Joey Silvera’s Evil Angel movie (2011). Brittany St Jordan shared a steamy scene with Amy Daly in Rogue Adventures #37 that was nominated for “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” at the 2013 AVN Awards. Also starring Vaniity, Eva Lin, Aly Sinclair, Genesis and Courtney Taylor, Rogue Adventures #37 was an instant hit which won “Best DVD” at the 2011 Tranny Awards as well as being nominated for “Best Transsexual Release” at the 2013 AVN Awards. Rogue Adventures #37 was also recommended by who highlighted in his November 2011 film review how;

“No doubt that Joey is an amazing Director and Producer of any genre of Porn but his pulse on what Transsexual admirers want is simply amazing. This DVD has many great elements that were common throughout the entire DVD. I liked how toys were used as foreplay, kissing and petting were common and the Production values were top notch…Scenes were strong and showcased beautiful Transsexual women enjoy sex. Brittany, Amy and Vaniity were solid performers thus giving this DVD a RECOMMENDED status”.

Fans of Brittany St Jordan will also love viewing her steamy solo scene in Joey Silvera’s Evil Angel release (2011), her sizzling scene with Amy Daly in the Grooby movie (2012) that was nominated for “Best DVD” at the 2012 Tranny Awards and her sultry solo scene in the Hot Wendy Productions DVD (2012) which was nominated for “Best DVD” at the 2012 Tranny Awards, “Best Transsexual Release” at the 2013 AVN Awards and “Transsexual Release of the Year” at the 2013 XBIZ Awards.

Another must-see movie for Brittany St Jordan fans is the TransRomantic production (2012) within which she shared a sensual scene with Robert Axel. Directed by Nica Noelle and featuring Amy Daly, Sarina Valentina and Erica Lauren, Forbidden Lovers won “Best DVD” at the 2012 Tranny Awards and it was nominated for “Best Transsexual Release” at the 2013 AVN Awards as well as “Transsexual Release of the Year” at the 2013 XBIZ Awards. Brittany St Jordan loves performing in porn and she has mentioned in previous interviews how much she loves;

“That at any given point through the day, I am that one thing that someone uses to get through that particular moment. Whether they want to escape work, fantasize about particular scenarios, or just jerk their dick and get off, I am there for them…I do it all for the fans. Even on my cam shows, if there are 2 or 22 people watching the show I still give my all. They still came to see what I promoted and I am there to give it to them. The fact that I am able to do this as a career is still the most amazing mind fuck of it all and I am grateful for it every single day…

I will always deliver the best possible artistic production possible with the resources I have available to me. Whether it’s through membership on [], or through gifts on my wish list it’s all of the support you provide that keeps me waking up and keeping this going day after day”.

Brittany St Jordan : Popular Porn Productions

In addition to her compelling Grooby, Evil Angel and TransRomantic collaborations, Brittany St Jordan has appeared in a wealth of popular porn productions. We recommend watching Brittany St Jordan’s sultry solo scenes in Sammi Mancini’s (2011) that was nominated for “Best Transsexual Release” at the 2012 AVN Awards, (2011) which was nominated for “Best DVD” at the 2011 Tranny Awards and (2012) that was nominated for “Best Transsexual Release” at the 2012 Nightmoves Awards. Brittany St Jordan also shared a kinky scene with Wolf Hudson in Sammi Mancini’s (2011) starring Brittney Markham, Joanna Jet, Liberty Harkness and Rabeche Rayalla.

Many of Brittany St Jordan’s most popular porn productions have been those that she has filmed for Devil’s Film. You’ll love viewing Brittany St Jordan’s raunchy scene with Jay Ashley in (2011), her sizzling scene with Earl Slate in (2012) and her saucy shoot in (2012) featuring Sarina Valentina, Lora Hoffman and Tiffany Starr.

Most notably, Brittany St Jordan shared a raunchy roleplay with Smith in (2012) that was nominated for “Best DVD” at the 2012 Tranny Awards. Brittany St Jordan was showcased on the box cover of Transsexual Babysitters #21 which also stars sexy TS porn stars Kelly Clare, Angelina Torres and Ariel Everitts. Transsexual Babysitters #21 was recommended by XCritic column writer Apache Warrior who advocated in how;

“This film has a good group of transsexual performers. Brittany St. Jordan is a steady performer whose easy-going behavior makes her likable. Ariel Everitts is a sexy piece of eye candy. There is enough turn-on action that fans of this series will enjoy it. I recommend this solid film”.

Eager to discover even more of Brittany St Jordan’s hottest sex scenes? Then you have to check out Brittany St Jordan’s raunchy fetish scenes in the Michael Kahn’s World DVDs (2011), (2011) and (2012) as well her steamy scenes with Michelle Austin in the Kennston Productions/Michelle Austin Films star showcases (2012) and (2018).

We also recommend watching Brittany St Jordan’s sizzling scene with Ramon in the Trans 500 movie (2012) that was nominated for “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” at the 2014 AVN Awards. Starring hot TS porn stars Camila Poskam, Walkiria Drummond, Luz Adriana and Wendy Summers, I Kill It TS #1 was a fan-favorite movie which was nominated for “Best DVD” at the 2013 Tranny Awards, “Best Transsexual Movie” at the 2014 AVN Awards and “Transsexual Release of the Year” at the 2014 XBIZ Awards.

But that’s not all. Fans of Brittany St Jordan should also view her immersive POV scenes with Joanna Jet and Liberty Harkness in the Brazen Devil release (2012), her saucy shoot with Michael Kahn in the White Ghetto DVD (2014) and her compelling femdom BDSM scene with Jimmy Broadway in the Severe Sex release (2016). Featuring Aubrey Kate, Eden Alexander, Isabella Sorrenti, Lotus Lain and Stefani Special, TS Femdom was an instant hit that was nominated for “Best DVD” at the 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards and “Trans Release of the Year” at the 2018 XBIZ Awards. Must see movies for Brittany St Jordan fans!

Brittany St Jordan : Industry Accolades & Award Nominations

Starring in so many popular porn productions has earned Brittany St Jordan many coveted industry accolades and award nominations including;

  • 2010: Tranny Awards nominee “Best New Face”
  • 2011: Tranny Awards nominee “Best Hardcore Performer”
  • 2011: Tranny Awards nominee “Best Non-Typical Model”
  • 2012: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2012: Nightmoves Awards nominee “Best Transsexual Performer”
  • 2012: Tranny Awards nominee “Best Internet Personality”
  • 2012: Urban X Awards nominee “TS Interracial Performer of the Year”
  • 2013: AVN Awards nominee “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” (with Amy Daly)
  • 2013: AVN Awards nominee “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2014: AVN Awards nominee “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” (with Ramon)
  • 2016: Transgender Erotica Awards winner “Best Solo Website”

Brittany St. Jordan : Transgender Rights Activist

Throughout her adult film career, Brittany St Jordan has striven to raise awareness towards the mistreatment of trans performers in the industry. Most notably, Brittany St Jordan and fellow TS pornstar Amy Daly both participated in a 90 minute meeting with AVN executives alongside TS porn superstar Wendy Williams. During this meeting, Brittany, Amy and Wendy discussed the mistreatment of trans performers at the AVN Awards and adult entertainment expos in general. This meeting came about due to Brittany St Jordan’s mistreatment at the AVN Awards which she discussed in greater depth during her ;

“We grabbed our tickets and went off to get ready for the evening’s event. When we arrived there was a huge line waiting for the red carpet. As the line slowly inched along, the larger studios started arriving with their folks and were being escorted to the front of the line. This is expected and was not a surprise at all. However, there was someone behind us who asked why these people were going to the front. Steve’s reply was, ‘They are presenters and nominees’. That was when I informed him that Jesse and I were nominees for TS Performer of the Year and he then told us to wait and we would get our turn…

Even though we had informed them of who we were we waited for three hours before making it to the red carpet as straight girl after straight girl was escorted to the front of the line. Once we were finished on the red carpet the handlers for AVN told us go around another line of folks and to go out into the hallway where other media were present. That line which we were told to avoid was the line for people doing interviews for Showtime and the hallway was devoid of anything except people taking personal photos with one another…For the best male and female performers they get to be seen on stage and receive their award in person. For the TS Performer of the Year the award is sent to the winner in the mail and their name is listed on a screen of other awards for fetish awards at the end of the night when everyone is leaving”.

All in all, Brittany St Jordan and her fellow TS performers had to stand in line for three hours before they were allowed to walk the AVN awards red carpet as the other female performers were sent ahead of them. Even when they finally made it onto the red carpet, event organizers directed Brittany St Jordan and her TS co-stars away from interviews with the press.

Brittany St Jordan’s online comments about her AVN Awards discrimination garnered the attention of Kelly Pierce who wrote her own blog post titled “AVN’s Inequality & Segregation Needs To Stop!”. Brittany St Jordan’s bravery at standing up for TS performers’ rights even garnered the support of leading adult film executives. For instance, the director of’s web channel agreed that;

 “Not sharing the stage with TS performers has allowed the majority of non-trans performers to dismiss them as outsiders and perpetuated discrimination against a group who should be equally praised for the work they do and the revenue they generate for the industry”.

This online support from fans, directors and fellow performers enabled Brittany St Jordan, Amy Daly and Wendy Williams to arrange a meeting with AVN executives regarding their mistreatment at the AVN Awards. Through their combined efforts, Brittany St Jordan and her friends were able to reach an agreement with AVN executives wherein they created an additional AVN Awards category “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” and enabled winners of “Transsexual Performer of the Year” to collect their award onstage for the first time. Speaking about this progress in , Brittany St Jordan commented that;

“Whether or not I ever get nominated again or get invited to anything with AVN again, the fact that the Transsexual Performer of the Year will be on stage and seen by everybody? That’s huge”.

Brittany St Jordan’s ongoing advocacy work has earned her admiration and respect from her fellow performers as well as her loyal fan base. To show her appreciation for this ongoing support, Brittany St Jordan continues to post regular blog articles, she appears on radio talk shows and she produces a wide range of hard-hitting content which strives to confront and resolve the key issues that members of the trans community face on a daily basis.

What’s more, Brittany St Jordan has appeared on several radio talk shows throughout her career as well as making guest appearances at adult entertainment expos and hosting trans nightclub events. For instance, in August 2011 Brittany appeared with fellow TS porn superstar Domino Presley on the ‘Porn Star Road Trip’; a raunchy road trip sponsored by AVN Media Network, Exxxotica Expo, the Adult Trading Card Company and This ‘Porn Star Road Trip’ showcased the industry’s hottest straight, gay and trans porn stars in a brand new 2012 Road Trip RV.

Brittany St Jordan and Domino Presley made their first public appearances with the ‘Porn Star Road Trip’ at the Exxxotica Expos in Chicago and Los Angeles where they both served as hostesses for their adoring fans. Cory Biggs, CEO of the Porn Star Road Trip, enthused about this exotic extravaganza in an AVN press release, conveying how;

“Exxxotica is home base to us! It seems like we travel from Exxxotica to Exxxotica given the frequency and diverse locations around the country. These shows offer us an amazing opportunity to meet more and more fans and let them know we bring Porn Stars to their hometown”.

Moreover, Brittany St Jordan and Domino Presley‘s attendance on this raunchy RV marked the first time that this annual event was ever sponsored by as well as its usual sponsors,, and Pete Housley, the CEO of the Naughty Tweet Network, spoke about this breakthrough for TS porn stars and he stated;

“Diversity is core to what the Naughty Tweet Network represents…Since the inception of the company we have always embraced and endorsed variety. With a diverse portfolio of web and social media products we bridge the gap from mainstream to fringe and everything in between”.

Another definitive moment in Brittany St Jordan’s career came in October 2011 when she became the first TS performer to launch her official website ( through the Grooby Network. Steven Grooby, the CEO of Grooby, discussed this ground-breaking moment during , highlighting how;

“We set up our network to give transgender models an alternative to working with companies that produce solo sites, take 50% of the profit and give the model little or no ownership or creative identity. Our system means the models must work harder, but the site is all theirs. We guide and advise them, let them use our promotional outlets and affiliates, and provide servers, software, DMCA services, full customer support and billing strategies, but they ultimately remain in control of their website and all the content. Brittany’s been a fantastic model and performer on a number of our sites and put a hell of a lot of work into getting this site ready—we’re excited to help her on the next stage of her career”.

Brittany St Jordan was thrilled to launch her official website with Grooby and she enthusiastically stated within this AVN press release that;

“It was an obvious choice for me to go with Grooby…They were the first company to work with me and have always supported my career. I designed all my own graphics, produced all the shoots and have had control of my site all the way. Why would I need to sign an exclusivity contract or give away 50% of the revenue, like some companies demand? I look forward to giving my fans what they want to see and being able to interact with them on a daily basis”.

There’s no denying it; Brittany St Jordan has been a pioneer for trans rights throughout her adult film career; using her popularity and prominent status to raise awareness towards many issues facing the trans community. For instance, over the years, Brittany St Jordan has appeared on ‘Dr. Suzy’s Birthday Bacchanal‘ radio talk show in June 2012. Appearing alongside long-time friend and co-star Morgan Bailey, Brittany St Jordan discussed trans relationship issues.

Brittany St Jordan has also been featured on the popular radio talk show ‘Inside the Industry‘ with Amy Daly in January 2012 to promote the upcoming 4th Annual Tranny Awards in Los Angeles, California, and she also appeared on the blog talk radio show, ‘What’s Brewin After Dark‘, in December 2011 to discuss various social issues, her latest projects and relationship dilemmas with George Brew and Katie Summers.

Brittany St. Jordan : Professional Photographer

In addition to her impressive porn portfolio, Brittany St Jordan is a keen photographer. Brittany St Jordan first began to hone her photography skills in 2004  whilst she was serving on active duty in the Marines. Unable to have access to traditional photography studios in order to develop the images she needed, Brittany St Jordan used her initiative and taught herself how to create her own!

Since these early amateur photography days in the Marines, Brittany St Jordan has seized every opportunity to hone her photography skills. In so doing, Brittany St Jordan has become a highly skilled artist with the intrinsic ability to capture and create true works of art. Her modelling experience has equipped Brittany St Jordan with a unique perspective on how to secure the perfect shot.

Over the years, these exceptional modelling, acting and photography skills have attracted the attention of prominent porn photographer Michael Kahn. Impressed by Brittany St Jordan’s talents, Kahn recruited Brittany to help him develop a new website which incorporated product and modelling shoots for Sex and Metal toy designers as well as BDSM furniture. Brittany St Jordan has also photographed a wide range of straight, gay and trans porn stars to help them expand their solo websites.

Brittany St Jordan has also shot for Nica Noelle, the renowned director with whom she previously collaborated as a model for Forbidden Lovers. Brittany St Jordan has broadened her photography skills to incorporate DSLR video production; a skill set which she has continued to use to shoot videos and photos for her own website as well as several solo models. By combining her ever-expanding photography, videography and editing skills, Brittany St Jordan has evolved into an extremely talented producer who has continued to create projects for TS performers long after she retired from modelling and acting herself.

As well as her porn and photography skills, Brittany St Jordan possesses a keen passion for music (especially heavy metal). Brittany St Jordan is also an avid gamer girl who has divulged during previous interviews that;

“Heavy metal concerts are a must in my life. Nothing cleanses the soul like a few thousand watts of shredding guitars and thumping bass drums. No matter what kick in the nuts life delivers, a good metal show makes the world all better again…I am also a gamer girl as well. I have been mostly into PS3 games, however, my roommate has turned me onto Warcraft. So that is my time waster of choice these days. When I get the chance, I also enjoy going to wineries and doing wine tastings. I have to travel quite a distance to do that here in CA though. All of the good places are up north of L.A. You can also count on me visiting national parks throughout the year. Just as much as I love the chaos of a live metal concert, I also enjoy the serenity of nature as it is meant to be”.

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