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Personal Info

Name : Amy Daly

Date of Birth: August 22nd, 1982

Home Town : Los Angeles, California (US)

Bra/ Cup Size : 36B

Boobs :  Enhanced

Height : 5’7 (1.70m)

Weight : 143lbs (65kg)

Hair Colour : Brunette/ Black/ Red

Eye Colour : Green

Years Active : 2009 – 2014

Number of Scenes : 26+

Behold the definitive translesbian porn star! Stunning, saucy and secure in her sexuality, Amy Daly has carved out a niche within the transsexual porn industry and paved the way for aspiring transsexual performers who identify as lesbian.

From her adult film career to her romantic relationships and past  experiences, Amy has always been happy to discuss her life experiences in order to inspire and advise others. For instance, when asked about her childhood in previous interviews, Amy has been content to discuss how;

“I was a good kid. I never caused any trouble. I did of course used to sneak out to go see girlfriends or go get drunk or high with my friends, but I kept out of trouble, went to school, and played soccer. I used to spend a lot of time at the beach. I did argue with my dad a whole lot though. We never stood eye to eye and I would always call him on his bullshit. I was the kid that was too smart for my own good”.

Similarly, when asked about her transition process Amy has always been happy to reveal the exact steps she took in order to embrace her true gender identity. Amy has explained in previous interviews how she consulted with a therapist and received her official documentation for hormone therapy after attending six months of weekly visits. After undergoing blood work and a physical at her doctor’s, Amy was prescribed the necessary drugs for hormone replacement therapy during her teenage years. Describing this period of her life , Amy mentioned how;

“I didn’t really decide to transition. It was more of a when am I going to do it question.  For us, it’s not something that we really make a choice. It’s something that we are born with and live with and are tormented by until we transition and something we have to deal with are whole lives… Honestly, it’s a long process overall. There is coming out to your friends and family and school or work. Sitting down with therapists, seeing doctors, physical awkwardness. It’s a long process, but it went really smoothly and nice for me.   I could of done it the easy way and ordered hormones online like some people and did it all myself, but I wanted to have all my papers in order and stuff to back me up and a support system”.

Amy has suggested that she may like to undergo a post-op procedure later in life; possibly after graduating from college and retiring from the adult film industry. When asked about the advantages of undergoing post-op surgery compared to the advantages of being pre-op , Amy candidly stated;

“Advantages? Feeling complete and more normal I guess.  Being able to wear things that I can’t wear now. Tricking guys(Just kidding).  The disadvantages I think are going to be having to do things like dilate.  Not looking forward to that at all.  Obviously going through a major surgery sucks too.   The advantages of having a cock? Hmmm. Better pay in the work force? haha. I kid.  Getting to fuck stuff. Who doesn’t like to stick their dick in things?  Disadvantages again is that I can’t wear some stuff that I would like to.  Getting a vagina used to be really important to me, but working in porn has made me pretty comfortable in my own skin. It really isn’t at the top of my priority in life any more. I still want to do it though”.

Amy Daly : Adult Film Career

Amy’s adult entertainment career was kick-started when she met renowned adult film director Buddy Wood in a Hollywood nightclub. Amy approached Buddy and began chatting with him without Buddy realising that she was a transsexual. Once Amy revealed her gender identity, Buddy gave her his card and a few weeks later Amy found herself shooting her very first sex scenes for the Grooby Network website !

Following the success of these initial sex scenes, Amy consulted fellow transsexual porn stars Hazel Tucker and Mandy Mitchell on how to best progress with her adult film career.

Amy went on to collaborate with these transsexual performers and renowned film director Buddy Wood on numerous feature film releases and modelling shoots. In fact, it was through working with Buddy Wood that Amy met one of her best friends; fellow transsexual performer Hazel Tucker;

“Hazel Tucker was his girlfriend at the time…We became really close friends after I shot over at Buddy’s place and hung out all the time. She’s gorgeous . We used to shoot together a lot and had some really great chemistry.  We ended up moving in with each other for almost a year until she had to move back to Massachusetts due to family issues”.

During her adult film career Amy was also roommates with transsexual performer Morgan Bailey. By socialising and collaborating with these fellow TS stars, Amy was able to glean the necessary industry insights in order to establish her solo adult film career.

Embracing her brand status as the ‘Translesbian’ and ‘the girl next door’ due to her love of shooting scenes with women, Amy’s alluring persona soon attracted many fans and colleagues within the adult film industry to ardently follow her latest adult film projects. For instance, interviewers such as have enthused how;

“I am so grateful that Amy Daly is on the scene since this transsexual loves to have sex with women. This “Translesbian” is a breath of fresh air. She will gain many fans as her unique taste for women will attract more viewers to this genre. The attraction of two beautiful feminine bodies on screen should entice average porn fans and get their attention”.

Unfortunately, Amy soon found that translesbian scenes were hard to come by within the adult entertainment industry. Consequently, when asked about her thoughts on shooting scenes with a man and a woman during an Amy commented;

“I think the reason why they don’t make those types of scenes too much is for a few reasons.  A lot of TS girls aren’t into women.  And although, I hear that there are a lot of genetic girls who would like to work with us, a lot of genetic women in the industry are in fear of being ostracized from their peers as there is a lot of bigotry towards transsexuals in the porn industry.  They are also more expensive to shoot. I love being paired up with men and women and ts women as well though.  I find everything about a woman sexy, but I am also attracted to guys.  Being paired up with a man and another woman would be heaven”.

Never one to concede defeat, Amy launched her own website with Grooby Productions which equipped her with the online platform she needed to produce and promote her own niche content. Amy enthused about the opportunities this website has granted her on its homepage, stating how;

“I finally have a space where I can do shoots the way I want and make all kinds of tranny lesbo porn for all of you… I am just a normal 20-something nerdy, videogame playing skater girl from Los Angeles, California, who just happens to be a transsexual as well. I decided to move to the Valley and start making porn just for fun and to show everyone what a normal trans-girl like me who just leads a normal life is like, and how beautiful our personalities and bodies can be. What you see is what you get with me!”.

Throughout her career Amy has collaborated with most of the major TS distributors and production companies including; Shemale Yum, Shemale Pornstar, Shemale Strokers, Shemale Club, Bobs T Girls, Devils Film, Brazen Devil, Trans 500 Studios, Hot Wendy Productions, Grooby Productions, Goodfellas Productions, Rodnievision, TransRomantic and Mancini Productions amongst many more.

In addition to a multitude of modelling shoots, video clips for her official website and real-time , Amy Daly has also released a series of extremely popular DVD releases. Incorporating all manner of solo, hardcore, lesbian and POV scenes, some Amy’s most popular feature film shoots include; Rogue Adventures 37,Transsexual Cheerleaders, America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 9, She-Male Strokers 45,Transsexual Prostitutes 66,Transsexual Babysitters 16 and America’s Next Top Tranny: Season 13.

In addition to her on-screen sex scenes, throughout her career Amy’s love life has always been an open book. Happy to discuss her likes, dislikes and turn-ons in both men and women, Amy has confessed that she admires the following traits in off-screen partners;

“This is going to sound corny and typical, but her brain or personality is what I look for the most in a woman in my personal life.  As far as physically?  I love big tits, and round hips and a nice ass. Hour glass shapes turn me on.  For men, I like intellectual types. But manly intellectual types.  He has to be bigger than me (in all ways!). I am not that big. I am about 5′ ‘7″, so about 5’ 9″ and up”.

Amy has also been happy to discuss her first sexual encounters with another girl and also after transitioning, divulging how;

“My first time with a girl? Hmm… Well, I was a sophomore in high school.  She was my first girlfriend and was a little older than me and not a virgin, so she knew what she was doing and I had no idea.  I was really nervous and my parents were in the next room. She pulled the “Let’s try just the tip” line with me and I was like Ok!  I was really stupid and didn’t use a condom. Luckily she was on the pill, so it was all good, but really awkward. Like I said, my parents were in the next room, so I was lucky I didn’t get busted!…

My first sexual experience after transition was really weird and new for me.  It was with a girl and she was a really hot dyke I met at a dyke bar. She knew I was trans and didn’t care.  We were making out all over the bar and ended up going back to her place.  She didn’t want anything to do with my cock. I ate her out and we did a lot of touching and rubbing and passionate stuff. Then I took off like at 5 am because I had to go to work the next day lol”.

Amy Daly : The Translesbian

Without a doubt, one of Amy’s most popular pornographic productions was “Amy Daly: The Translesbian”. Not only was this shoot Amy’s first featured DVD but it also earned her numerous adult film award wins and nominations. Speaking about this pivotal moment in her adult film career during her Luke is Back interview, Amy explained how;

“Amy Daly: The Translesbian was my first featured DVD put out by Grooby Productions. It features some of the best TS Lesbian scenes from my web site with a bunch of some of the top TS Girls. Hazel Tucker, Bee Armitage, Mandy Mitchell, Kimberly Kills, and Juliette Stray.  We are looking to put out part 2 sometime after the end of this year.  It will most likely be called Amy Daly The Translesbian 2: Bi Curious.  Bi Curious because I have one of my best and favourite scenes going on there with everyone’s favourite, ChristianXXX.  Sometimes I do like to shoot with guys and I think we have some good chemistry.   He is one of my favourite guys to shoot with”.

In fact, Amy Daly the Translesbian  was so successful upon its commercial release in 2010 that it was soon followed by Amy Daly the Translesbian 2 in 2012; a shoot which also featured transsexual performers Brittany St. Jordan, Lexi Wade and Tiffany Starr. Enthusing about this sequel, Amy exclaimed in how;

“People really loved the first one, so I wanted to follow it up with something just as good. This time around, we added a little spice and threw in a scene with a guy in the mix to give it a little more flavour. I think people will love the chemistry and the realness in these scenes. Each one of them is story-line driven. We even have a little parody of a Dexter kill scene!”.

As matters stand, Amy Daly the TransLesbian 1 and 2 both remain regular features within the top 25 DVD’s on the AdultDVDEmpire Charts.

Another commercial success for Amy came in May 2012 when she starred in Forbidden Lovers alongside Brittany St. Jordan and Sarina Valentina. Forbidden Lovers served as the first feature release for TransRomantic Films which was the creation of renowned director Nica Noelle and leading VOD site AEBN. Within it was reported that Noelle and AEBN;

“have announced plans to expand their adult studios with the addition of new TS-themed line, TransRomantic Films. The innovative new line will feature transsexual performers in starring roles, and reflect the “real sex” approach of the duo’s existing studios Girl Candy Films and Hard Candy Films”.

Speaking about this exciting new project in this AVN press release, Amy revealed that;

“The scene Nica directed with Christian and I was trans-positive, romantic, and extremely sexy,” Daly said. “The whole experience reminded me why I love my job. I’m very excited to be a part of this new direction in TS films…Anyone who’s looking for transsexual films with better writing and more seduction is going to love TransRomantic Films”.

Forbidden Lovers went on to become an international success for Amy, Nica Noelle and AEBN; with TransRomantic and Forbidden Lovers winning the “Steamiest Romantic Movie” award at the 8th Annual Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto. Forbidden Lovers also went on to win the “Best Long Clip” award and Amy herself won “Best Trans Performance in a Long Clip” at the Transgender Film Festival in Germany in 2013. Amy’s co-star Christian XXX also won the award for “Best Male Performance in a Long Clip” at this international awards ceremony. Thrilled with earning these momentous award wins, Nica Noelle exclaimed in an ;

“I am deeply grateful to the trans community and adult film fans for their unbelievable support of TransRomantic Films. This studio was a long-time dream of mine, and I’m very thankful to Jerry Anders of AEBN for supporting the idea of trans performers in romantic features. I also want to thank the amazing performers themselves, particularly Amy Daly who gave a show-stopping emotional performance in Forbidden Lovers”.

Throughout her career Amy has earned a wealth of adult film award wins and nominations. Some of her most prestigious accolades have been listed below;

  • 2009: Tranny Awards winner — “Best New Face”
  • 2011: Tranny Awards nominee — “Best Hardcore Model”
  • 2011: Tranny Awards nominee — “Best Hardcore Performer”
  • 2011: Tranny Awards nominee — “Best Non-Typical Model”
  • 2011:  — “Best Transsexual Movie” — Amy Daly: The Translesbian
  • 2012: AVN Awards nominee — “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2012: AVN Awards winner — “Best New Line” — Forbidden Lovers
  • 2012: Nightmoves Awards nominee — “Best Transsexual Performer”
  • 2012: Tranny Awards nominee — “Best Hardcore Model”
  • 2012: Tranny Awards nominee — “Best Sex Scene” — Forbidden Lovers
  • 2013: AVN Awards nominee — “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2013: AVN Awards nominee — “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” — Rogue Adventures 37
  • 2013: Nightmoves Awards winner — “Best Transsexual Performer (Editor’s Choice)”
  • 2013: Nightmoves Awards winner — “Best Transsexual Release (Fan’s Choice)” — Forbidden Lovers
  • 2013: Nightmoves Awards nominee — “Best Transsexual Performer”
  • 2012: XBIZ Awards nominee — “Transsexual Performer of the Year”
  • 2014: Nightmoves Awards nominee — “Best Transsexual Performer”
  • 2014: Nightmoves Awards nominee — “Best Transsexual Performer (Fan’s Choice)”

Speaking about her impressive collection of award wins and nominations, Amy has enthused that;

“It actually did mean a lot to me because I got off to a bad start in the industry with some not so great content, but then came back and really stepped up my game to take the best new comer award for that year. It felt really good. It also felt really good to be nominated for my first AVN in Transsexual of the year category as well last year and have one of the films I was on the cover of take the best transsexual release award.  It always feels good to be appreciated”.

Furthermore, when asked about the importance of these awards ceremonies, Amy was quick to highlight during an at the how;

“I think it’s very important, not only for the girls, but for the transsexual side of the adult industry as a whole. For the girls, it’s going to give us much-needed press and recognition that can help drive sales for things such as our personal websites, DVDs, toy lines, cam rooms, and even get us more work…

“Transsexuals are often swept under the carpet and hidden away from the spotlight in most aspects of the adult industry and even our personal lives, so not only will it help drive sales for us, but it gives us that recognition that we deserve…We bring in a lot of revenue to the industry, and we have to work harder at our craft than our female counterparts. I’d like to see some of the female performers try to get hard for some gross camera guy or gross male performer while on hormones and be expected to stay hard and cum at the end of the scene. We are like Rodney Dangerfield: We get no respect—no respect at all. When TS girls get recognition and treated with respect, we will generate more sales, which means everyone gets more money out of us in the end and it’s good for everyone”.

In addition to her award wins, Amy has also earned the respect and admiration of her fans, co-stars and media critics. For instance, has always held Amy Daly in high esteem and following her prestigious award wins commented how;

“This lady has definitely earned the title ‘Performer of the Year’ to the hilt this year. Not only has she been the reliable and rock steady performer who always delivers the goods, but she has done it in various splendid ways. Her acting performance in the breakthrough film Forbidden Lovers shows an emotional side to her that had me tearing up. In Amy Daly The Translesbian! 2 and the XCritic Pick American She-Male X, this transsexual shows how much she loves to have sex with other trannies”.

Similarly, has often enthused about Amy Daly throughout her career, stating how;

“Amy is funny, down-to-earth, warm, intelligent and kind…I met her on Twitter and we struck up a friendship right away. I was honoured to have her do an interview with my writer, Jon. Everyone can now read about how interesting and intriguing Amy is!”.

In fact, after her friend and publicist Wendy Williams, Amy serves as the second trans performer to ever be interviewed for XciteMent magazine. Following the success of Forbidden Lovers, Amy went on to collaborate with TransRomantic Studios again when she appeared in Secret Desires. Throughout her career Amy has starred alongside many of the biggest transsexual performers in the industry; including actress and director Venus Lux, as well as friends and fellow transsexual performers Brittany St. Jordan, Aly Sinclair, Eva Lin and Jane Marie.

In addition to attending prestigious adult film awards ceremonies and appearing in successful DVD feature releases, throughout her career Amy has also been eager to meet and greet her fans and appear on radio talk shows for exclusive interviews. Some of Amy’s most popular radio talk shows appearances over the years include;

  • February 2011: Alongside best friend Hazel Tucker and Olivia Love, Amy presented her roommate and co-star Morgan Bailey with the “Best DVD Award” at the 3rd Annual Tranny Awards,
  • July 2011: Amy signed posters and posed for photos with fans at her first Adult Con appearance, held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. Appearing at the Shemale Yum booth alongside Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Khloe Hart, Celeste, Michelle Austin, Sunshyne Monroe, Jenna Rachels and Estelle L’Amore as well as director Buddy Wood, these public appearances had ever featured on the Adult Con floor promoting their video projects,
  • During the same month Amy also made her Playboy Radio debut to promote the release of her latest feature film Transsexual Babysitters 16,
  • October 2011: Amy was interviewed with TS Michelle Austin on the Halloween special of The Jerk Box Show which was aired on Sirius/XM 103’s Spice Radio,
  • January 2012: Amy appeared “Inside the Industry” with fellow transsexual performer Brittany St. Jordan to discuss the upcoming 4th Annual Tranny Awards with James Bartholet and Emy Reyes.

Amy Daly : Transgender Rights Activist

Unfortunately, despite receiving enthusiastic support from her fans, fellow transsexual porn stars and notable directors, Amy was shocked to discover throughout her career the ways in which the adult entertainment industry as a whole treated transsexual performers. During her XCritic column interview, Amy revealed that;

“My biggest surprise was at how poorly the porn industry treats and acts towards transsexual performers. We are looked down upon and the people who perform with us are looked down upon as well which really sucks. Especially, when if you look at the history of American Transsexual performers, you won’t find much if anything at all on anything that an American TS Performer has done to cause any outbreak or anything like that. It comes out to be just bigotry towards us”.

Consequently, in February 2012, alongside friend and fellow performer Brittany St. Jordan, as well as her publicist and fellow transsexual perfumer Wendy Williams, Amy attended in order to discuss the treatment of transsexual performers at the AVN awards, within AVN magazine and at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) conventions. Following this meeting the AVN awards introduced a new awards category “Best Transsexual Sex Scene” and allowed winners of the “Transsexual Performer of the Year” to collect this award onstage. You can learn more about these groundbreaking achievements by reading our Brittany St. Jordan bio online today.

As well as loving her career as a porn star, Amy also indulges in numerous hobbies and interests outside of the adult entertainment industry. During her previous interviews Amy has noted;

“Well, I really do like making porn and doing everything else that comes with this job. But other than that, I am a huge game nerd. I play mostly MMO’s like World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing that game for a long time. I am majoring in biology right now, I am also really into learning about animals and science. I’ve also recently taken up an interest in acting. Like real acting though lol!  I’ve been taking some acting classes which I love doing”.

In fact, in 2011 Amy decided to go back to college with aspirations of eventually pursuing a career in the sciences upon graduating;

“Currently, I am a general biology major, but it’s not final. I still may switch to either Environmental Science, Marine Biology, or Zoology.  I volunteer for a marine mammal rescue team and have grown up at the beach, so it’s kind of natural for me.  When I graduate, I want to be working somewhere in the science field and working with Animals.  I will just see where my college journey takes me”.

Despite attending college and officially retiring from the adult film industry in 2014, Amy still has a soft spot for porn. As Amy puts it in her own words;

“I just love having sex with hot people and being in front of the camera. It’s a real turn on. Getting paid to have sex with beautiful people? It doesn’t get any better than that. I’ve got one of the best jobs in the world!”.

After all, as Amy recently stated via ;

“I’m too young to be retired from anything”.

So why not check out the social networking links provided below to keep up to date with the wonder that is Amy Daly? From viewing her exclusive cam-site chat sessions to checking out her most recent Twitter statuses, this brunette beauty continues to keep her fans updated with her latest projects and career aspirations!

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