How To Go Vegan & Still Enjoy Great Sex


When people first consider going vegan, how they’re going to have sex isn’t usually the first thing they consider. But the dilemma of buying animal-friendly, cruelty-free sex toys, accessories, condoms and intimate products is a problem that seasoned vegans are all too aware of.

So we thought we’d do our bit to help. Here are some of the best vegan-friendly adult products on the market:


Let’s face it; you’ve got to cover the basics! And when it comes to condoms, you may be surprised to learn that your usual rubbers aren’t so vegan-friendly. Although condoms are made from latex, in order to make the latex smooth the majority of manufacturers use casein (a milk protein derivative) in their production process. Definitely not vegan-friendly!

Fortunately, condom brands have started to listen to the needs of their vegan consumers (as well as those who have milk or casein allergies) and have started to manufacture vegan-friendly condoms. If you usually buy Durex then you’ll be happy to hear that their Avanti Ultima, Fetherlite Ultra and Deluxe ranges are vegan-friendly. Alternatively, Glyde’s products are vegan certified and fair trade. Another ideal option is O!Zone Wholesale who now stock RSFU condoms from Sweden which have been certified by the . After all, as O!Zone’s owner Caryn Thompson stated in ;

“Vegan is not just what you eat, but a lifestyle.  People want quality not only at the dinner table, but in the bedroom too”.

(Top tip: If you’re in the market for vegan-friendly lube then you should check out Good Clean Love whose is both vegan and organic. It’s a win/win situation!)

BDSM Accessories

Collars, leashes, shackles, paddles. All of them are great BDSM accessories which enable you and your partners to live out your deepest, darkest desires. But do you know what they all have in common?

They’re usually made from leather.

Yes, it can be difficult to indulge your dream fantasy when it comes into direct conflict with your animal rights ethics. Fortunately there is a solution; brands such as have started to launch a wide range of blindfolds, collars, tether and leash sets, wrist bands and paddles which are vegan-friendly, leather-free, low-priced and packaged on recyclable cards.

We also recommend checking out – a leading erotic accessories chain who debuted their first collection of completely vegan accessories in November 2016. This titillating collection, titled Maze, aims to ‘celebrate the forbidden by revealing it’. And now vegans can join in too! As Bijoux Indiscrets hotly hint;

“During the 12th century, vast outdoor labyrinths served as the ideal location for unleashing people’s wildest and most intimate sides. Maze is a collection based on the intense love affairs and secret fantasies that were lived out amongst these narrow passages; a collection that seeks to celebrate the forbidden by revealing it…

With Maze, Bijoux Indiscrets captures the brand’s commitment to the environment and animal welfare. Featuring 12 bold looks that are available in two different colors (nude and black), the highly functional designs of the collections’ 12 pieces reject materials of animal origin. Maze’s straps and leashes are made from vegan leather, which is composed of polyurethane, an innovative alternative that maintains style and quality…Maze’s straps reflect the eroticism and sensuality that bondage accessories bring to the female body and their finish adapts to all personalities and figures”.

Another vegan-friendly brand is PHS International who have launched a line of BDSM accessories that are all made from colorful biothane; an odorless vegan rubber that is a cruelty-free (and a far stronger) alternative to leather. Biothane is also easy to clean and will maintain its condition without stretching, fading or cracking. You can currently choose from a wealth of biothane wrist and ankle cuffs, collars, blindfolds, leashes, silicone ball gags, Velcro c-rings and both 3-snap and 5-snap c-rings. As PHS International’s CEO Chuck Harnish explained in ;

 “Biothane has become a PHS must-have and our customers love the alternative option…Leather is a reliable material but requires maintenance, which many customers just don’t have time for, and is an immediate no-no for shoppers that prefer to keep their sex lives vegan. Biothane keeps clean with simple soap and water and will stay true to size and fit no matter how much wear and tear it goes through. It’s truly an innovation for the BDSM community and we’re excited to make it available to the adult retail industry”.

Bath & Body Products

There’s nothing more sensual than enjoying a steamy hot bath with your partner. So why kill the mood by using non-vegan products? Instead, you can savour the foreplay with vegan-friendly, all-natural, body butters and scrubs.

One such brand offering these sensual bath and body products is Orgasmatronics Inc. Their line offers you a wide range of body butters and scrubs that consist of a nourishing, natural, and vegan moisturizer that is animal-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. Ideal for vegans with sensitive skin!

If you love taking long, soothing baths with your partner then you’ll also want to check out Sliquid. They are a leading manufacturer of all-natural lubricants, bath and body products. For instance, their is made from mango and shea butter with essential oils rather relying upon the widely used lanolin – an animal by-product and potential skin irritant. As Sliquid’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Michelle Marcus highlights;

“Awareness of vegan-friendly ingredients has soared over the last few years, but many retailers and consumers aren’t aware that lanolin is the skin-conditioner of choice by many manufacturers of almost every other shave cream available…Lanolin is an animal by-product that has been known to irritate sensitive skin, so we set to work to create a naturally superior shave cream that maintains its lush, velvety texture with the addition of botanicals and plant-based ingredients. This offers our retailers and consumers piece of mind before purchasing, and helps maintain loyal long-term relationships with the Sliquid brand”.

But that’s not all. In August 2018 Sliquid went above all the rest with the launch of their new range of bubble bath products that are luxurious and gentle as well as vegan-friendly and manufactured using 100% recyclable packaging. What could be better?. As Sliquid’s CEO Dean Elliott explains;

“We have been so excited to hear the overwhelmingly positive response from everyone about Soak. We feel that this addition is essential to add to the Balance Collection of Sliquid products. We have spent a lot of time finding the correct blend of all-natural ingredients to offer the most relaxing and authentic in-home spa experience… Your spoiled fur babies will love Soak too!”.

So what do you think of our ethical suggestions? Are you vegan or considering it? If so, what are your favorite vegan-friendly products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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