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Molly Stewart – Personal Info

Name : Molly Stewart

Date of Birth : November 5th

Measurements : 32DD – 27 – 37

Height : 6’0 (1.83m)

Hair Colour : Red

Eye Colour : Hazel

Tattoos : A bird across her left shoulder blade

Piercings : Navel

Years Active : 2013 – present

Number of Scenes : 40+

Molly Stewart is a critically acclaimed webcam model and independent content creator as well as a sensational solo and girl/girl performer who has been thrilling fans since February 2013. If you love tall pornstars and you love redhead pornstars then you will definitely love Molly Stewart! Over the years Molly Stewart’s captivating live cam shows, stunning photo sets and sultry girl/girl scenes have earned her a devoted global fan base. Molly Stewart has also been named as Playboy’s “Cybergirl of the Month” for July 2017, Penthouse’s “Pet of the Month” for September 2017 and Twistys’ “Treat of the Month” for January 2019.

So where did it all begin? Originally from Holland, Michigan, and currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Molly Stewart was home-schooled as a child and she attended youth groups at the church that her family attended. Molly Stewart has discussed these early years during and she highlighted how her mother helped her to adopt a confident mindset which has stayed with Molly Stewart throughout her entire life. As Molly puts it in her own words;

“When I was a kid, I was home schooled, I didn’t have any friends, it was hard to make them and the other kids I knew thought I was weird. Partially because, let’s be honest, I wasn’t in their group at their school. I started to shut down, especially in high school, because I felt like nothing I did or said, no matter how hard I tried to fit in, ever made anyone like me. I started to not be myself, and it made no difference. After a hard summer, I was extremely depressed, and not at all ready to walk back into the youth group I was a part of at the church my family attended. My mom told me, ‘Fuck those pretentious snots’. And that’s honestly the only time when I was young that I remember hearing my mom swear. ‘What you have to do’, she said, ‘is walk into that room with this mindset — I am the most interesting person in this place, I am who I am, I am not their clone. If they don’t like me, they’re missing out. I’m going to do what I want, and be who I am’. That is honestly the mindset I have had ever since”.

Molly Stewart : Webcamming Career

Molly Stewart first started working in the adult entertainment industry in February 2013 as a webcam model. You’ll be happy to hear that Molly continues to host sensational live cam shows via MyFreeCams (as ‘’). Reflecting on her camming career during , Molly conveyed how;

“I celebrated my six-year ‘cammiversary’ as we say, back in February. There are many years to come, I hope, despite branching into new adventures, both business and personal. That’s the wonderful thing about camming, is that it’s a flexible job; it changes with you, moves with you and can make you realize new things about yourself that you weren’t aware of starting off…My favorite cam site is MyFreeCams. I have my own gripes and annoyances about the site, but it’s the best that I’ve found, despite all the issues. I’ve also been camming there for so long that my fan base resides there, and I’m so intricately wound up in the platform that going elsewhere isn’t worth my time. I think, for the most part, they provide the features and some level of support that we, as cam girls, need. I have lots of suggestions for the site and how it could be better, but I know they’re working on it all the time, and to what I hope to be the best of their abilities”.

One of the reasons why Molly Stewart has attracted such as vast international fan following is her genuine, authentic approach to webcamming. Molly Stewart has never believed in promoting her ‘brand’ or a certain image of herself. In fact, Molly Stewart divulged during that;

“My brand. That sounds so funny to say about myself. I mean, I know it’s true and maybe that’s the perception people have, that it’s just an image I’m putting out, maybe to get more views, maybe to cause some drama and get my name out there, maybe it’s all just a stunt. The thing is, though, it’s not. When I got into camming, I knew nothing about it. I logged online as myself, through and through. I’ve never wanted to be someone I’m not, unless I’m playing a character…but you can’t play someone else every day of your life, and that’s what camming is. It’s a daily thing, whether online streaming, or offline, on social media, anywhere and everything people have heard or seen, that’s you”.

Molly Stewart has also used her industry status to support and inform aspiring cam models. In fact, Molly Stewart wrote an article for XBIZ News in February 2019 titled “”. In addition to her ongoing live cam shows, Molly also creates a wealth of exclusive videos and photo sets that her fans can enjoy via Molly Stewart’s official MyFreeCams (‘’) profile and her official ManyVids account (‘’). Molly enjoys shooting this type of independent content and she highlighted in how;

“Doing things for myself, finding ways to overcome challenges, living my life the way I want—that is what makes me happy”.

But that’s not all. Molly Stewart is also an avid gamer girl who loves to cosplay and she shares her latest creations with her fans during her live cam shows. When she was talking about her gaming and cosplay interests during , Molly Stewart revealed that;

“Cosplay is so fun for me, I love dressing up and having a little on-screen adventure. I would say a fan-favorite is Harley Quinn, Arkham-style Harley, not ‘Suicide Squad’ Harley with severe ‘daddy issues’. Though this year, I’ve also pushed out ‘Jinkies!’ — a Velma cosplay video and photo set that was quite popular…Last year my big cosplay was Red Sonja, and that was a trip. Literally, I drove out into Death Valley to film it, lugging around my big rubber-man, sword, camera equipment, smoke bombs and fake blood. This year, I also just finished filming a three-girl cosplay video called ‘Gotham Girls’, which can be found on MyFreeCams and ManyVids. It was shot by Marcos Rivera, my co-stars were Maitland Ward (Bat Girl) and Jayden Cole (Cat Woman). I was Poison Ivy in the first video I’ve done as the red-haired villain. It came out amazing — both me and the fans were very happy with the results…Sadly, gaming has taken a backseat for me this year. I’ve literally been so busy that by the time I do get some free time, I don’t want to spend it in front of a computer. When I do play, it’s usually Smash Brothers or some casual equivalent with my friend Cosmic Neko. Although, I have been casually playing, then coming back a week later, to ‘Obduction’. It’s an older, puzzle-type thinking game, and I find it kind of relaxing…though also frustrating”.

Molly Stewart : Playboy & Penthouse Modelling Career

A landmark moment in Molly Stewart’s career occurred in the spring of 2017 when she posed for her first ever Playboy photo shoot. Shortly after Molly Stewart’s Playboy debut was released, she was booked for another Playboy shoot that was photographed by Holly Randall. This sensational photo set was released in conjunction with Molly Stewart being named as Playboy’s “Cybergirl of the Month” for July 2017.

During this time Molly posed for several mesmerizing Playboy Plus photo sets. Our top picks? They’d have to be Desert Dessert, For Your Eyes Only and Light My Fire in April 2017 as well as Fiery Fantasy, A Quick Dip and Flashback Friday in July 2017. Molly has also appeared in a sexy workout segment that was aired on Playboy TV and she has appeared in some sultry Feel At Home, Morning Glow and Bedroom Secrets photo sets that were released via Playboy Plus in April and May 2018.

Hold on, it gets even better. Molly Stewart’s glamourous Playboy shoots quickly caught the eye of Penthouse magazine. Before you know it, Molly Stewart was named as Penthouse’s “Pet of the Month” for September 2017 and she was featured as the cover girl and centrefold for this internationally renowned publication. Molly Stewart loved modelling for Playboy and Penthouse and she recounted during how;

“Playboy and Penthouse were actually pushed by my friends (I could say fans, but these guys I’ve known for so long, we are friends). I never thought I was good enough to get publications like that. I had no plans to even try, but they contacted the companies, who then reached out to me. I wouldn’t have had any of those opportunities without them…After I did those shoots, I just fell in love. Playboy was the start. I love being in front of the camera. I love teasing and feeling sexy, as well as interacting with people who aren’t on the other side of a screen. And don’t get me wrong, I love camming and the time I spend online, but it can also be very isolating at times. Imagine if your whole day was spent talking to a screen without hearing anything else back. I had weeks…months…where the only people I would talk to were at the local grocery store”.

Over the years Molly Stewart has graced the pages of many prominent print publications. For instance, Molly Stewart was the cover girl for the November 2016 issue of Modelizer Magazine, she was the cover girl and centrefold for the February 2018 issue of AVN CamStar Magazine and she posed for a glamorous layout that was featured in the February 2019 issue of Hustler magazine. Molly Stewart has been honored to appear in these internationally renowned print publications and she humbly stated during that;

“I’ve been very lucky, to be honest. Things that I used to think were the most important now take a back seat. Since 2017, four years into camming, things have just blown up. It started with Playboy Plus, boosting me to Cybergirl of the Month, then shortly after, I was finding myself on magazine covers like Penthouse, being nominated (though I never expect to win) for multiple awards like XBIZ and even winning a few Alt Awards trophies through Twitter. Heck, I got to be on stage presenting awards for XBIZ in January as an official Trophy Girl, that was such a trip. February of this year, I was in Hustler Magazine as well, so at this point I feel I’ve conquered the print publications and I’m very honored to have been chosen by so many companies”.

Molly Stewart : Adult Film Career

Molly Stewart made her official adult film industry debut in September 2018 when she became an exclusive MindGeek contract star (a company which runs such fan-favorite porn networks as Twistys, Brazzers and Digital Playground). Molly Stewart had not originally intended to pursue a career in porn but she explained during how;

“One of the biggest things that happened started in 2018 when I signed a contract with MindGeek. I never really thought of going into professional porn, but the offer was good and it’s just a small step from what I do online in my own room at home. They’ve given me so much assistance, promotion and have been just amazing through the whole thing. I also re-signed my contract with them in February of this year, so I’m on for another six months! I can’t wait to see what upcoming years hold”.

Molly Stewart is a solo and girl/girl performer and she started out shooting under an exclusive girl/girl performing contract with Twistys. Molly Stewart was thrilled to shoot for Twistys and she enthusiastically stated in that;

“I did a lot of research when I was looking to break into professional production and Twistys was the clear standout. They have some of the hottest girls, high production values and, upon contacting them, I found they have a really professional, caring team that values my opinion. This is a really good place for me to start my professional GG career. I just want to say ‘thank you’ to Twistys for this amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to see the amazing content we put out”.

Molly Stewart’s first ever scene for Twistys was a sultry scene with Izzy Lush that was unveiled in October 2018. Molly Stewart has since shared a steamy scene with Krissy Lynn in November 2018, a saucy shoot with Zoe Bloom in December 2018 and a titillating scene with Jillian Janson in December 2018. Molly Stewart’s initial Twistys scenes proved so popular among fans and industry professionals that she was named as Twistys’ “Treat of the Month” for January 2019. Molly Stewart has also received high praise from Ryan Hogan, Twistys’ Director of Production, who eagerly expressed in that;

“We had known about Molly for a while. What really set her apart from the rest was her entrepreneurial spirit. She’s very smart with how she handles herself as a brand. So, when we found out she was open to shooting lesbian scenes with a premium adult brand, we knew we had to make her an exclusive offer”.

Want to know the best part? Molly Stewart has continued to shoot a wealth of steamy girl/girl scenes for Twistys. You’ll love watching Molly Stewart’s sensual and scenes with Aidra Fox and Mazzy Grace in January 2019 as well as her hot two-part shoot with Jenna Sativa and Jill Kassidy in March 2019. Molly Stewart has also filmed a raunchy roleplay with Jayden Cole in April 2019, she shot a kinky scene with Briana Banks in May 2019 and she shared a seductive scene with Lyra Law in May 2019. What’s more, Molly Stewart shot a sizzling scene with Jenna Foxx in June 2019, she shared a scintillating scene with Lena Paul in June 2019 and she starred alongside Arietta Adams in an amazing 4th of July themed shoot. Must see sex scenes for Molly Stewart fans!

During this time Molly Stewart started to shoot for many more fan-favorite MindGeek porn sites. For instance, Molly Stewart filmed a sizzling scene with Elena Koshka which was showcased in the Digital Playground movie (2018), she shot a steamy scene with Aspen Romanoff that was uploaded via Mofos in December 2018 and she shared some sultry and scenes with Alina Lopez and Lela Star which were both released via Brazzers in December 2018.

Molly Stewart has continued to star in a steady stream of Brazzers content. You have to check out Molly Stewart’s kinky roleplay with Mary Moody in February 2019, her sizzling and scenes with Chloe Cherry and Evelin Stone in March 2019 and her sensual scene with Jade Baker in June 2019. We also recommend viewing Molly Stewart’s steamy and scenes with Daisy Marie and Scarlett Mae which were unveiled via Mofos in January and May 2019, her scintillating and scenes with Blair Williams and Alexis Tae that were uploaded via in January and June 2019, as well as her saucy and scenes with Richelle Ryan and Sabina Rouge which were promoted via Reality Kings in March and June 2019. Not to be missed!

Unsurprisingly, many of Molly Stewart’s hottest sex scenes have been featured in some best-selling DVDs. Most notably, Molly Stewart has appeared in her own Twistys star showcase (2018), she has starred in (and graced the box cover of) the Babes sequel release (2019) and she has been featured in the Mofos movie (2019).

Molly Stewart : Industry Accolades, Award Nominations & Future Plans

Starring in so many popular porn productions has earned Molly Stewart several coveted industry accolades and notable nominations including;

  • 2017: Playboy winner “Cybergirl of the Month – July 2017”
  • 2017: Penthouse winner “Pet of the Month – September 2017”
  • 2017 Alt Awards winner “Sexiest Camgirl”
  • 2017: AVN Awards nominee “Best Cam Model – North America”
  • 2017: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Cam Model – North America”
  • 2017: XBIZ Awards nominee “Best Cosplay Cam Model”
  • 2018: Alt Awards winner “Cam Model of the Year”
  • 2018: AVN Awards nominee “Best Cosplay Cam Model”
  • 2018: XBIZ Cam Awards nominee “Best Clip Artist – Duo” (with Nikki Eliot)
  • 2019: Twistys winner “Treat of the Month – January 2019”
  • 2019: XBIZ Awards nominee “Web Star of the Year”
  • 2019 : XBIZ Awards nominee “Cam Model of the Year – Female (Independent)”
  • 2019: XBIZ Cam Awards nominee “Best Female Cam Model”

As well as receiving these coveted industry accolades, Molly Stewart was named as one of the official Trophy Girls for the 2019 XBIZ Awards alongside fellow rising star Alina Lopez. Molly Stewart was thrilled to be chosen as a Trophy Girl for this star-studded event and she enthusiastically stated in that;

“I’m so excited to be a Trophy Girl for XBIZ!. This is way more exciting than when I was picked to be Homecoming Queen. I mean, I was home schooled so I voted myself in, but being chosen by other people is way cooler. I can’t wait to present trophies to all the winners! Now the only thing left to do is pick a dress…which is hard, because I’d rather just be naked. Good luck to everyone, and I’ll see you on stage!”.

Wondering what the future holds for Molly Stewart? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Molly Stewart has no plans to slow down anytime soon! In fact, Molly Stewart mentioned during that;

My biggest hope for this year is to get my movie in progress. I wrote a full-length script for a parody porn movie and I’d like to start it this year or at least the pre-planning stages of it. Ella Silver will be in it as well, as my co-star. It’s something that got put on the back burner for now, as I know it will take some time and that’s a limited resource for me right now, having signed a new contract that will take me to October…Other than that, honestly just pumping out more videos, I have a lot of smaller works planned that will be easier to implement, a few rank runs on MyFreeCams and working on my new house. I’m sure things will keep popping up, so you’ll all just have to stay tuned. I barely know what’s happening next week, but that’s what’s exciting”.

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