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Personal Info

Name : Maitresse Madeline Marlowe

Date of Birth: July 31st, 1977

Home Town : Michigan (US)

Measurements : 32B – 26 – 32

Bra/ Cup Size : 32B

Boobs :  Natural

Height : 5’8 (1.72m)

Hair Colour : Blonde/ Red/ Brunette

Eye Colour : Green

Shoe Size : Women’s 8.5 (US)

Piercings : Tongue and nipples

Tattoos : Fairy design on her lower back, a black coffin with a red cross design across her right armpit and two crescent moon designs surrounding a face across her left armpit

Years Active : 2006 – present (as a performer) , 2014 – present (as a director)

Number of Scenes : (as performer) (as director)

Let’s face it; every fan, performer, producer and director within the femdom industry has either heard of, or collaborated with, Maitresse Madeline Marlowe!

Strikingly beautiful, incredibly confident and staggeringly talented, there’s no disputing that Maitresse Madeline has transformed the fetish porn industry with her captivating web content.

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe : Adult Film Career

It all began in 2006 when Maitresse Madeline started working as a fetish model and BDSM performer for prominent production companies One of Madeline’s earliest collaborations was her femdom bondage shoot with January Seraph in January 2009.

From this point onward, Madeline began to star in a steady stream of femdom role-plays and group sex shoots for many of‘s best-selling web series. We recommend checking out Madeline’s sensational sex-slave themed group shoot that was filmed for The Upper Floor in November 2009, her epic femdom orgy that was promoted via Divine Bitches in February 2010 and with Bobbi Starr, Lily LaBeau and Mallory Mallone that were first released via Whipped Ass in February 2012.

Hold on! There’s more; Madeline has since starred in a with Cherie DeVille, Princess Donna and Ramon Nomar that was unveiled via in January 2014 and February 2014, a compelling shoot with Cherry Torn, Daisy Ducati, Wenona, Ella Nova and Patrick Knight for Divine Bitches in April 2014 and an unforgettable session with Eva Lin, Venus Lux and Jessica Fox which was released via TS Pussy Hunters in December 2014.

One of Madeline’s most popular collaborations to date has been her (2014)feature shoot. Also starring Aiden Starr, Chanel Preston, Ariel X., Dragon Lily, India Summer, Dylan Ryan, Winana, Milcah Halili and Lorelei Lee, Barbarella: A Kinky Parody was an instant hit among fans and film critics that was nominated for “Best BDSM Release”, “Best Parody” and “Best Soundtrack” at the 2015 AVN Awards as well as “Best Parody: Comic Book” at the 2015 XRCO Awards.

Can’t get enough of Maitresse Madeline’s fantastic fetish content? Then you’ll love viewing her raunchy scenes with Connor Macguire which were first released in April 2014, with Javier LoveTongue in October 2015 and her feisty role-play with sexy sub Kirsten Price that was promoted via Whipped Ass in January 2016.

Want to know the best part? Madeline has even filmed some informative instructional videos for‘s sex-ed web series Kink University; must-see content for curious kinksters!

A breathtakingly beautiful blonde dominatrix, Maitresse Madeline’s scenes became such a popular fixture on that she was given command of their femdom division; Kink Bitches. Under the Kink Bitches label, Madeline has unveiled numerous kinky cam shows live group sex events and saucy scenarios for Whipped Ass, Divine Bitches, Electro Sluts and Foot Worship.

Through Kink Bitches, Madeline introduced an innovative new program which enabled dommes to interact with their online audiences via online chastity key holding services. A dream come true for devoted Maitresse Madeline Marlowe fans!


Maitresse Madeline Marlowe : Kinky Cam Shows & Directing Projects

Let’s be honest; who wouldn’t want to share some one-on-one time with their favourite femdomme Maitresse Madeline Marlowe? Well you’re in luck! Throughout her adult film career Madeline has filmed a wealth of intimate live chat sessions.

Believe it or not, one devoted sub even paid $42,000 for an exclusive one-on-one session with Maitresse Madeline! But don’t worry; Madeline still hosts all manner of lusty public cam shows via as well as enjoying sessions with her liege of dominas via various .

Always in command, in 2014 Maitresse Madeline began to establish herself as a highly accomplished femdom and BDSM director. Some of Maitresse Madeline’s most popular directing projects include Anal Lesbian Blasphemy (2014) starring Mona Wales and Audrey Noir, Nightmare On Mission Street: Annie Cruz Gets a Wet Cream Pie (2015) featuring Annie Cruz, and Britney Amber gets jam packed by horny filthy circus performers! (2015) featuring Britney Amber; all of which were promoted via

These feisty feature shoots are just a taste of Maitresse Marlowe’s prolific directing career; she has collaborated with such prominent porn stars as Aubrey Kate, Yasmin Lee, Aiden Starr, Daisy Ducati and Lorelei Lee but to name a few. Madeline loves directing and revealed within how;

“I fell in love with filmmaking — in the midst of the organized chaos of production — through creating pornography. Film school taught me that I actually learned a hell of a lot about filmmaking on porn sets and it helped me to refine some of the things I truly love, such as screenwriting. I will make films for the rest of my life, whether or not I am making money from it. It’s what I love to do”.

What has been Madeline’s most successful directing project to date? We’d have to say A ; a saucy Divine Bitches sex scene first released in March 2015 that featured Madeline alongside her real-life life-partner Will Havoc.

You may be wondering how Madeline first met Will. In fact, the pair first collaborated on a Kink Bitches shoot in April 2013, titled , which was actually Will Havoc’s first ever porn production.

It was lust at first sight, Madeline and Will have been inseparable ever since! However, you may be surprised to hear that since shooting this initial Kink Bitches scene Madeline and Will haven’t been filmed together. Until A Devoted Man!

The reason? Madeline and Will wanted to wait and depict an authentic reflection of their personal relationship. In an AVN press release,

 “Will and I discussed the idea over a number of weeks, and ultimately decided that it was important for us to counter the misrepresentations about BDSM relationships that have dominated the media this year. We’re both adult performers, but bringing our actual relationship on set was a level of exposure that was new and challenging…Because this is the love of my life, I felt comfortable doing things I’d never done before on camera, like getting fucked and having him cum in me. I think the scene will implode a lot of stereotypes about relationships with a female dominant”.

Viewers entranced by Maitresse Madeline’s appearance in A Devoted Man can also watch the interview which accompanies it. Shot for the documentary Behind Kink, this interview offers an exclusive insight into Maitresse Madeline and Will’s relationship as well as their motivations for shooting A Devoted Man. As Will explained during this documentary;

 “Madeline’s persona on-camera is authentic to real life…But what a lot of people don’t see maybe is that she’s very kind and loving and thoughtful. And that’s a really super key aspect if you’re going to have any kind of BDSM dynamic in your real life. You can’t have it without that”.

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe : Adult Film Awards & Notable Nominations

Without a doubt, Maitresse Madeline is one of the most prominent femdom performers in the industry. Fortunately, Madeline finally received the praise she deserved for her acting prowess and directing talents when the first ever Femdom Awards were held in 2015 in Los Angeles.

Broadcast on several days later, this awards ceremony was the first of its kind to Not only was Madeline nominated for 12 awards out of 16 available categories at the Femdom Awards, but she and her division won 7 of them!

Want to know the most impressive part? Madeline also participated in the hosting of the ceremony itself alongside her friend and fellow femdom performer Aiden Starr. Listed below are some of Madeline’s most impressive adult entertainment accolades to date;

  • 2015: AVN Awards nominee “Kinkiest Performer (Fan Award)”
  • 2015: Femdom Awards winner “Femdom Scene of the Year”  (with Christian Wilde and Marcelo)
  • 2015: Femdom Awards winner “Domme of the Year”
  • 2015: Femdom Awards winner “Cuckold Scene Of The Year” Maison De La Maitresse (with Christian Wilde and Marcelo)
  • 2015: Femdom Awards winner “Role-play Femdom Scene of the Year” (with Penny Pax)
  • 2015: Femdom Awards winner “Dungeon/Bondage Scene of the Year” Maison De La Maitresse (with Christian Wilde and Marcelo)
  • 2015: Femdom Awards nominee “Femdom Site of the Year”
  • 2015: Femdom Awards nominee “Strap-on Scene of the Year” Maison De La Maitresse (with Christian Wilde and Marcelo)
  • 2015: Femdom Awards nominee “Ass Worship Scene of the Year” (with Tony Orlando)
  • 2015: Femdom Awards nominee “Dungeon/Bondage Scene of the Year” Le Dragon Rouge  (Part 2) (with Penny Pax)
  • 2015: Femdom Awards nominee “Girl/Girl Femdom Scene of the Year” Le Dragon Rouge (with Penny Pax)
  • 2015: Femdom Awards nominee “Fetish Scene of the Year” A Sound Decision (with Tony Orlando)

How did Madeline feel upon receiving these coveted awards nominations? Well,

“To get this level of recognition from AVN is tremendous…We don’t do a lot of DVD releases, so this really speaks to the quality of what we’re doing. Shooting vital and compelling Kink content isn’t just about business to us, it’s about engaging the community and celebrating sexuality. It’s wonderful to have that recognized so forcefully”.

Speaking about this Femdom Awards recognition in a separate AVN press release,

“We’re thrilled…And it shows the potential when you match high-end production and authentic BDSM. I’m really proud of my team—they really busted their asses to make these shoots happen…As pornographers, we have a unique opportunity to show how responsible, sane and consensual BDSM is practiced…We live at a time when there’s greater awareness and interest in BDSM and fetish, but there’s also a lot of misinformation. I want to continue to produce movies that are hot, because their honest and real—and I call on my fellow nominees to do the same”.

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe : Hardcore Gangbang Collaborations

A landmark moment in Madeline’s adult film career came in 2015 when she was invited to take over ‘s line. After speaking with her friend and fellow performer, Lorelei Lee, Madeline decided to accept the and revealed within how;

“Lorelei showed me that just because a woman is the center of a gangbang, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be in total control…I want my women to be in control of the scene. I want them to own their sexuality…And so a site that had been previously known for abduction scenarios, is taking a different tack — putting the scene design almost entirely on in the hands of the female performer….

The first thing I have them do is write out what would turn them on, almost like erotic fiction. It could be a few short sentences or something long and detailed. I ask them to choose the male talent they’d most like to work with. I ask them what they want to experience sexually, what turns them on. And then I start crafting it…

I want to bring in female performers who might not have thought about doing this kind of shoot before…We’ve been very blessed with fantastic subs who are often really involved in the BDSM community, and understand how to control from the bottom. But I think a lot of other women might look at it from the outside and think — oh, that’s not for me. I want to change that…Women are sexual creatures. Women have all sorts of fantasies that men would never imagine…But you have to ask them what they want”.

Want to watch one of Maitresse Madeline’s hottest Hardcore Gangbang collaborations? Then you have to check out (2015) featuring Ella Nova. These saucy scenes showcased Ella sharing some sensational double anal/ double vag and fisting scenarios that were inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer in Midsummer Night’s Dream. Talking about the process of directing and starring this larger than life Hardcore Gangbang session in May 2015, Madeline conveyed how;

 “To be quite honest, it’s hard to organize a gangbang, even when there aren’t cameras rolling. This was a unique opportunity to really create something authentic that would redefine the traditional gangbang from a woman’s point of view”.

This groundbreaking gangbang scene appeared in Whipped Ass 7 (2015) and served as the first of many popular Hardcore Gangbangs shoots directed by Maitresse Madeline. When she was asked to comment on the commercial success of these recent releases in , Madeline mentioned that;

“We’re successful because we’re authentic. I work really hard on my films—not only to bring in my vision as a director and domme, but also to allow the performers live out their own submission fantasies. The scenes are incredibly hot to film, and I think that carries over”.

You’ll never believe what Madeline did next; she directed a raunchy gangbang which featured five Donald Trumps dominating Ella Nova whilst she was dressed as Miss America. No, we’re not kidding!

 Set within Trump’s California primary headquarters and incorporating real dialogue from Trump rallies, speeches and interviews, this gangbang scene indulged the deeper, darker desires which lurked behind the 2016 Presidential campaign!

“I’ve directed a lot of hardcore, but this is this is by far the darkest thing I’ve ever done…There’s something about Trump that inspires both fear and awe. As a dominatrix, I wanted to try and invoke that dark power, so we had actors using his own words. There were times on set when it felt actually overwhelming, which is good in sex, not so much in politics…We didn’t want to show Trump as a comic figure; we wanted to show him how we see him: as a powerful but frightening force. That’s why we mixed in actual footage of Trump in some of the promos…Of course, the truly scary thing has been his rise to power. Even a five person gangbang can’t compete with that. At least a gangbang is consensual”.

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe: Our Bodies Our Choice Campaign

Dedicated to defending the rights of others, in May 2015 Maitresse Madeline teamed up with Fivestar and several of their fellow adult industry professionals in order to provide testimonies against which would require mandatory condom, dental dam, and goggle use on porn production sets in California.

What motivated Madeline to take such a strong stance? Reflecting on the experience during a interview, Maitresse Madeline divulged that;

“I was anxious to be heard while waiting to testify but that soon turned into a feeling of honor and pride. It was an honor to be able to represent an industry that I love while speaking truths that are not popular belief. Demystifying what actually happens on a porn set and educating the public, is why it’s so important our voices are heard. I was prideful to be united with fellow performers in solidarity to express what we know is right for our bodies…

Performers were ready to be heard. I felt contentment to state truth and facts concerning our bodies with respected medical professional there to back us up. I really want to thank the doctors and organizations who have supported us during all of this. It was powerful to have their testimony be heard free of bias opinion. Just cold hard facts…

During my testimony I requested that all my colleagues and fellow performers rise while I stated my last line, “Our Bodies, Our Choice.” I don’t know about anyone else but I was choked up!”.

What’s more, Madeline’s friend and fellow adult film director Fivestar highlighted how;

“Standing behind a podium with several government officials staring at you is nerve-racking, but I really appreciate the opportunity to speak my mind and present information about the industry that will help OSHA develop more applicable and appropriate regulations…

Generally, from my perspective, there was a base level of anxiety in the room. There was a lot at stake and adrenaline was running high for both sides. Stress levels from our side seemed to subside as more and more articulate, heartfelt and compelling testimonies were presented…

It felt empowering to know that producers, behind the scenes staff, performers, doctors and non-profit HIV/AIDS support organizations could unite to defy regulations that would compromise privacy, health and safety and the ability to do business in California”.

Want to learn more about Maitresse Madeline and Fivestar’s campaign efforts? Discover the full story on their .

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe: Upcoming Projects And Immersive VR Experiences

Here’s the deal; Maitresse Madeline is a highly influential presence within the San Francisco independent film scene; exploring new genres with like-minded performers, producers and directors.

Want to check out some of Madeline’s most popular porn productions? Then you’ll love viewing Girl to Girl (2013) for Wasteland Studios and the Severe Sex DVD titles Wrath of the Femdoms (2016) and Femdom Rampage (2016) for Severe Sex within which Madeline shared some sizzling scenes with Trisha Uptown. One of Madeline’s friends and fellow directors, Fivestar, has discussed their ongoing collaborations via an

 “As a team, we never want to rest on our laurels…We want to always be pushing forward, with new concepts, new technologies and new ways to engage the viewer. We’re very excited for 2016″.

True to their word, Madeline and Fivestar unveiled an exciting new fetish porn experience; . This interactive femdom porn experience looks set to revolutionise adult cam-site viewing experiences because it will enable viewers to become fully immersed within their favourite femdom scenarios via the use of Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Cardboard and alternative virtual reality (VR) headset formats.

Want to know the best part? ! Whilst you are waiting for this revolutionary new viewing experience to iron out all its kinks (pun intended) why not check out Maitresse Madeline’s existing adult-cam site channels, DVD releases and using the links provide below?

Given that Maitresse Madeline continues to shoot all manner of raunchy and sessions for‘s Divine Bitches web series, we think it’s fair to say that your favourite femdomme shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

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