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Personal Info

Name : Briana Banks

Date of Birth : May 21st

Hometown : Munich (Germany) / California (US)

Measurements : 34DD – 26 – 30

Height : 5’9 (1.75m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Blue

Piercings : Navel and tongue

Tattoos : An intricate Ying/Yang design across her lower back, a spider web on her elbow, stars on both of her wrists, a floral design on the left side of her lower abdomen, butterflies on the left side of her upper back and two sets of barbed wires around her left ankle

Years Active : 1999 – present

Number of Scenes :

Without a doubt, Briana Banks is one of the most popular porn stars of all time. A beautiful blonde bombshell, former Vivid contract girl and Penthouse “Pet of the Month” for June 2001, Briana stands out from all the rest as one of the most prolific adult film stars of the past decade and her sensational scenes in countless porn productions have earned her inductions into the AVN and XRCO Awards “Halls of Fame”.

So where did it all begin? Born in Munich, Germany, Briana moved to the United Kingdom when she was four years old and her family relocated to the United States when she was seven. For the next nine years Briana lived in the suburban Simi Valley in Los Angeles, California, with her mother and younger sister. When she was 16 years old Briana moved with her 14 year old sister out of her mother’s home and Briana gained full custody of her sister when she was 18. Talking about these early years within , Briana explained how;

“I moved from Munich with my mother and my younger sister when I was 7. My first language was German so it took a little adjusting to learn English but, luckily, when you’re young, you catch onto that stuff pretty quickly. I was very shy in junior high. I was skinny with braces and I got picked on a lot. In 10th grade, after summer, I came back to high school, no braces, I had boobs, all the guys who used to pick on me were all hitting on me. I thought it was pretty funny. I was still pretty shy…

I actually moved out at 14 and emancipated myself at 16. My sister came with me but we had some legal issues with my mom. When I was 18, I went and got full custody of her so that she could legally live with me and there was no problems or drama. I pretty much took care of her for the last 15 years. We lived together forever and we just started not having a place together about a year ago. I’m getting used to living by myself. At first, I hated it but now it’s kind of awesome”.

You may be interested to learn that Briana had previously modelled as a teenager and even appeared on the cover of Teen magazine. Reminiscing upon her fashion modelling career within , Briana conveyed how;

“Actually, my dream was to be a runway model and I started out on the cover of Teen Magazine. I used to go to all the big agencies. I’m only 5’9” and, back then, to be a runway model, you had to be 5’11”. So I tried everything, I would wear platforms, but they would just look at me. They didn’t even have to put me up against the wall to see how tall I was. It’s crazy because nowadays, a lot of these supermodels are short. That’s actually how I got my name Banks because of Tyra Banks”.

In addition to her early modelling career Briana worked a series of retail and office jobs including working as a clerk at an arts and crafts store, as a server at a pizza parlour, as a secretary, file clerk and insurance editor. Unfulfilled in these odd-jobs, 21 year old Briana quit her job as an insurance auditor and began to pursue a glamour modelling career after responding to an advert in her local newspaper. Briana discussed this pivotal moment in her life during , revealing that;

“I was getting money from the state when I got custody of my sister. It was like $400-500 a month. I was working part-time and going to school at the same time and when my sister turned 18, the checks stopped coming. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to quit school because I wanted to graduate on time. I saw an ad in the paper, ‘Make $1000 a day!’ It just said nude modeling, it didn’t say porn. I answered the ad and showed up on set and it was a porn set. I drove away 3 times and then drove back. I had to do it because the rent was due and I didn’t have the money to pay the rent. I was living in a little studio with my sister, I had to do it. I just did it. It was so funny because during the whole scene, they kept asking, ‘Can you make some noise?’ I watched the scene and I have to laugh at myself because I looked like a deer in the headlights. They asked me to do reverse and I said ‘What’s reverse?’ I didn’t know any position names…

First of all, I had never had $1000 handed to me at once. I never saw that much money in my life. I figured I would do it a couple of more times and then get out. Of course, that doesn’t happen. Within a month or two, everyone I knew had found out. So I said ‘Screw it!’  I was going by the name Mirage for the first year and a half and then I decided that since everyone knew, I was just going to go for it. I went by my real name, which is Briana, and I got my breasts done so I would stop being put in little girl roles all of the time. Wikipedia says I did about 300 or 400 scenes but I did 800 scenes before I signed with Vivid. I was the only girl who signed with them who had done that many scenes”.

Briana Banks : Adult Film Career

Following several months of posing as a nude model for various XXX-rated magazines, Briana decided to film her first ever sex scenes in 1999 with Brandon Iron that were featured in the Dane Entertainment porn production University Co-Eds 18 (1999). Briana appeared in several early productions under the stage name ‘Mirage’ before making her official debut as ‘Briana’ in the Decadent Whores 9 (2000). Reflecting upon her early porn productions during , Briana highlighted how;

“Before I got into the industry, I was with one guy and we were dating for three years. I was very shy and timid in the bedroom. When I got into the industry, I think all my scenes came across so good because they were real. It was really my first time having people watch and having cameras around me and having the lights on. (laughs) I had never seen anything so big the first time I walked on set. I said, ‘I don’t know if that’ll fit inside me!’ ‘They come in different sizes?’ I didn’t even know! I was really that shy when it came to anything sexual”.

A landmark moment in Briana’s adult film career came in 2001 when she signed as an exclusive contract star with the prominent production company Vivid. During this time Briana was also featured on the cover of the June 2001 issue of Penthouse magazine. Briana loved working as a Vivid contract girl and enthused in how;

“I started in ’99 and signed with them in 2001. I remember that I signed with them the same month I came out on the cover of Penthouse and AVN. June, 2001 was a really exciting month for me!…The industry is totally different. I’m learning as I go. Being a Vivid Girl was awesome, I only had to shoot 9 movies a year. I got paid very well to do so. Then I would just go feature dance the rest of the time. It was a lot of fun and I really miss the artsy 8-day shoots and flying to different countries. I flew to Budapest to shoot Briana Loves Rocco; I got to travel all over the world shooting stuff for Vivid. You don’t do that anymore in this era of porn”.

Interested in checking out some of Briana’s hottest Vivid porn productions? Then you’ll love viewing her sensational scenes in(2001) which earned Briana a “Best All-Girl Sex Scene: Video” nomination at the 2003 AVN Awards for her saucy shoot with Jenna Jameson. Briana also starred in (2001) and (2002) that were both nominated for “Best Sex Comedy” at the 2003 AVN Awards, (2004), (2005), (2005), (2006), (2006), (2008) and (2010). When Briana was asked to name her favorite scenes of all time during , she revealed that;

“Out of 800, best ever selling porn of all-time was Briana Loves Jenna. That’s a definite must. Then there’s Briana Loves Rocco. And, just off the top of my head, Perfect Match, which was Briana Goes Red Light and I shot with Manuel Ferrara for Red Light while I was under contract to Vivid. That was a very hardcore scene and, of all the Vivid Girls, I was the one who was nominated to the really tough scenes”.

In addition to her amazing Vivid productions, Briana has collaborated with such leading production companies as Elegant Angel, Wicked Pictures, Brazzers and Naughty America. We recommend checking out Briana’s sizzling scene with Mark Wood in Cougar Club 3 (2011) for 3rd Degree that was nominated for “Best MILF Release” at the 2012 AVN Awards, her formidable femdom shoot with Lizz Tayler in Femdom Ass Worship 9 (2011) for Evil Angel/ MeanBitch Productions and her raunchy role-play as ‘Francine Smith’ in the Exquisite Films parody release American Dad XXX (2011) which was nominated for “Best Parody: Comedy” at the 2012 AVN and XBIZ Awards.

Starring in so many fan-favourite productions has earned Briana an impressive collection of adult film awards and notable nominations. Listed below are some of Briana’s most prestigious industry accolades thus far;

  • 2001: Penthouse magazine winner “Pet of the Month – June 2001”
  • 2001: Hot D’Or Cannes Awards winner “Best American Starlet”
  • 2001: XRCO Awards nominee “Starlet of the Year”
  • 2001: XRCO Awards nominee “Orgasmic Oralist”
  • 2003: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Sex Scene: Video” Briana Loves Jenna (with Jenna Jameson)
  • 2003: AVN Awards nominee “Best Group Sex Scene: Film” Vision (with Dillon Day and Pat Myne)
  • 2003: AVN Awards nominee “Female Performer of the Year”
  • 2007: AVN Awards nominee “Contract Star of the Year”
  • 2008: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Sex Scene: Film” Layout (with Penny Flame)
  • 2008: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Sex Scene: Video” Where The Boys Aren’t 18 (with Monique Alexander, Lanny Barbie, Lacey Love, Lexi Marie, Mercedez, Lyndsey Love, Stefani Morgan, Tera Patrick, Tawny Roberts and Savanna Samson)
  • 2008: AVN Awards nominee “Best Anal Sex Scene: Film” Layout (with Kurt Lockwood)
  • 2008: AVN Awards nominee “Best Group Sex Scene: Film” Layout (with Hillary Scott, Brooke Haven and Evan Stone)
  • 2008: AVN Awards nominee “Best Actress: Film” Layout
  • 2009: AVN Awards winner “Hall of Fame Inductee”
  • 2009: AVN Awards nominee “Best Anal Sex Scene” Perfect Match (with Manuel Ferrara)
  • 2009: AVN Awards nominee “Best Group Sex Scene” Perfect Match (with Mick Blue, John Strong and Michael Stefano)
  • 2009: AVN Awards nominee “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” Where The Boys Aren’t 19: Arabian Nights (with Monique Alexander, Lanny Barbie, Lacey Love, Lexi Marie, Mercedez, Lyndsey Love, Stefani Morgan, Tera Patrick, Tawny Roberts and Savanna Samson)
  • 2010: AVN Awards nominee “Best Double Penetration Sex Scene” Flashback (with Otto Bauer and Ben English)
  • 2015: XRCO Awards winner “Hall of Fame Inductee”
  • 2017: XRCO Awards winner “Best Cumback”
  • 2017: AVN Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2017: XBIZ Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2018: AVN Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2018: XBIZ Awards nominee “MILF Performer of the Year”
  • 2018: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Cuckold Queen of the Year”
  • 2018: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Customs Specialist of the Year”
  • 2018: Spank Bank Awards nominee “Magnificent MILF of the Year”

Briana has been thrilled to receive these coveted industry accolades; especially her induction into the hallowed AVN Awards “Hall of Fame” in 2009. After all, as Briana sincerely stated in ;

“It’s huge. I got that honor in 2009 and I actually dropped out the next year. It was a huge honor especially since I worked so hard and I had done so many scenes. I won an award that people like Ron Jeremy and people who had been in the industry decades longer than me, it was amazing. It was very, very cool. I’m actually looking at my trophy right now. I have a little trophy case with all my other trophies in it too”.

Briana Banks : Adult Film Industry Hiatus & Comeback Career

Over the years Briana has taken hiatuses from performing in porn. Most notably, Briana took a five year hiatus from the adult film industry in 2010. Fortunately, Briana announced that she would be making a comeback in December 2015. Talking about her reasons for resuming her adult film career within , Briana explained how;

“I dropped out 5 years ago. I wasn’t feeling it anymore and I met a guy, that’s usually the way it goes. He talked me into getting out. I put on a lot of weight to be honest because I was very unhappy. After I finally decided that this wasn’t a healthy relationship, I walked away from him and decided I was going to get my life back in order. I wanted to get back into the industry so I worked my ass off for 7 months straight, 3 hours a day at the gym and I lost 45 pounds. I’m happier than I have been in years. I’m healthy and I’m so glad that my fans have been so amazing with this comeback. I’ve had so much support, I didn’t think that after 5 years that so many fans would have that much interest in me…

I would love to work with Jessica Jaymes, Kendra Lust and Johnny Sins, that’s just off the top of my head. There are just so many beautiful women in the industry now, I’m just getting familiar with the male talent. The scenes I’ve shot already are mostly with the people I’ve shot with before. I’m trying to find out who the good male talent is now….God, what haven’t I done? (laughs) I’ve never really done any hardcore Femdom so I think that would be really fun. That’s one thing I can definitely say I have not done”.

Briana marked her triumphant return to the adult film industry by shooting a sizzling scene with Manuel Ferrara that was featured in MimeFreak’s ArchAngel Productions DVD True MILF 3 (2016) also starring Kendra Lust, Katie Morgan and Alexa Tomas. Briana loved collaborating with MimeFreak on True MILF 3 and eagerly expressed in that;

“It was great. It was for Arch Angel and Mimefreak directed it. I was extremely nervous; you’d think I had never done a scene before. Manuel is such a great performer and has a great personality. Mimefreak was very cool and once the cameras started rolling and I got back into Banks mode, the scene was amazing and I forgot the camera was even there. It went so well that it reassured me that I made the right decision in coming back. It was, ‘OK, I still like doing this, this is still fun for me.’”.

Since resuming her adult film career Briana has starred in many best-selling MILF themed DVDs and thrilling taboo relations titles. Fans of Briana Banks have to check out her epic group shoot with Lily Cade, Lily Lane, Romi Rain and Violet Monroe in the Devil’s Film production Destruction of Romi Rain (2016), her steamy scene with Abby Lee Brazil and Tommy Pistol  in Family of Perverts (2016) for Pretty Dirty, her terrific three-way with Melissa Moore and Reena Sky in The Nosy Neighbour (2016) for Girlfriends Films and her seductive three-way with Samantha Rone and Tanya Tate in Lesbian Family Affair 5 (2017) for Filly Films that was nominated for “Best Older Woman/Younger Girl Movie” at the 2018 AVN Awards.

Upon resuming her adult film career Briana won “Best Cumback” at the 2017 XRCO Awards and has received multiple “MILF Performer of the Year” nominations at the AVN and XBIZ Awards. As such, Briana was a natural choice to be showcased in the annual Elegant Angel DVD MILF Performers of the Year 2017. Also starring famous female performers Veronica Avluv, Cherie DeVille, Nina Elle, Mercedes Carrera, India Summer and Julia Ann, this star-studded DVD was a critical and commercial success which won “Best MILF Movie” at the 2018 AVN Awards.

Just can’t get enough of porn superstar Briana Banks? Then you’ll love viewing her amazing group sex scene with Arya Fae, Kenzie Taylor, Lily Lane, Savana Styles and Zoey Monroe that was featured in her very own Devil’s Film star showcase 2017), her sensational squirting shoot with Cadence Lux and Sandy in the Girlsway production (2016), her scintillating scene with Small Hands in A Stepmother’s Love (2017) for Family Hookups that was nominated for “Best Taboo Relations Movie” at the 2018 AVN Awards and her kinky collaboration with Darcie Dolce that was uploaded via Reality Kings in February 2018. Not to be missed!

Briana Banks : Personal Projects & Future Plans

In addition to her phenomenal porn performances, Briana is also a multi-talented model and feature dancer who has appeared in several prominent publications including Cheri, Club, Club Confidential, High Society, Adam Film World Guide, Genesis and Hustler magazine. Most notably, Briana was featured on the cover of Penthouse magazine in 2001 and she has appeared on the covers of Leg Show (in June 1999), Oui (January 2002), Cheri (January 2002), Club (May 2003) and Club Confidential (December 2008). The list goes on!

Briana is also a talented writer who was a contributing author to the 2004 book How To Have a XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide wherein she joined her fellow Vivid contract girls in imparting sex and relationship advice as well as revealing some saucy anecdotes from their personal lives. As a Vivid contract girl Briana was also featured in the thirteen episode cable TV series Vivid Valley (2005) which was produced by World of Wonder. First broadcast in Europe in 2005, Vivid Valley has since been aired in the United States on Playboy TV. This insightful TV series offers fans an exclusive glimpse into the real lives of Briana and her fellow Vivid contract girls Jenna Jameson, Savanna Samson, Mercedez and Tawny Roberts.

But hold on, it gets even better! Briana is one of a select few performers to have had an action figure made in her likeness. In 2002 the LA based company Cyber F/X utilised cutting edge laser-scanning equipment in order to create an exact computer model of Briana’s body and head. This digital replica was used by Sota Toys to create Briana’s very own action figure!

Wondering what the future holds of porn superstar Briana Banks? Well, Briana has suggested in that she might direct her own productions in the years to come. As Briana puts it in her own words;

“I plan on hopefully moving from this to directing. I’m just trying to get a feel for what directing really consists of now since it’s so different from when I was back at Vivid. I would like to direct and get behind the scenes. I don’t want to be doing scenes at 45! I don’t want to get into the cougar category. I’m fine with MILF even though I don’t have kids”.

Want to keep yourself updated on all of Briana’s upcoming productions? Or are you eager to rediscover all of her sauciest sex scenes? Well you’re in luck! Simply use the links provided below to stay connected with sensational porn superstar Briana Banks!

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