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Amber Addis – Personal Info

Name : Amber Addis

Date of Birth : April 9th

Star Sign : Aries

Measurements : 32B – 25 – 30

Height : 5’0 (1.52m)

Hair Colour : Red

Eye Colour : Blue

Tattoos : Two cherries underneath the side of her left breast, a symbol on her right ankle, a small red heart on her left wrist and a meat cleaver on the outer side of her right wrist/forearm

Shoe Size : Women’s 5½ (US)

Years Active : 2018 – present

Number of Scenes : 20+

Amber Addis is a sexy all natural redhead pornstar, camgirl and model who has been thrilling fans since late 2018. During this time, Amber Addis has garnered a loyal fan following due to her sensational sex scenes for Karups Hometown Amateurs, Naughty Mag, 5K Porn and Team Skeet.

So where did it all begin? Hailing from Ohio, pretty petite porn star Amber Addis had a small town upbringing and she mentioned in that;

My family life was pretty run of the mill. I grew up for the first 5 years of my life with my mom who was a single parent. She got married and had my brother and sister. We grew up in a nice little suburban, kind of country-esque area. I went to high school there. It was very small town. It was rather nice. I was a really good student. I always did really good in class and after I graduated from middle school, I realized that I didn’t have to put forth any effort. I still stayed a good student but my grades dropped because I did the bare minimum. I actually calculated how many of our assignments that I had to do to get a passing great and I would only do those assignments”.

Hot teen porn star Amber Addis first started working in the adult entertainment industry as an exotic dancer and webcam model. In fact, Amber Addis has hosted many lusty live cam shows on Chaturbate as ‘’. Amber Addis has always been intrigued by the adult film industry and she explained in how;

“I liked lesbian bondage and, honestly, I explored every genre because I got very curious about what all of the terms meant. So I watched everything. I think it’s all interesting and fun to watch at the very least even if it didn’t turn me on…It was something that I had always wanted to do. Ever since I was really young, I always watched porn. Clearly wanted to be that girl on the screen, to be sexy and hot and cute and whatever. As I got older, I did stripping, I did some camming and ultimately got into porn because I saw it was a good opportunity for some publicity. I was very curious about how it actually worked. After my first shoot, I thought, ‘This is the job I want to do. Permanently’ [laughs]”.

Amber Addis : Adult Film Career

Amber Addis made her official porn debut in November 2018 and she is represented by AMA Modeling. Many of Amber Addis’ initial sex scenes were filmed for Net Video Girls. We recommend watching Amber Addis’ raunchy group sex scene with hot redheads Brooklyn Belle and Lacy Lennon in November 2018 and her thrilling threeway sex scene with Brooklyn Belle in December 2018. Sexy tiny spinner Amber Addis discussed shooting her first ever sex scenes during , recounting how;

“I was pretty nervous. I wasn’t super turned on until the scene started. I worked with Lacy Lennon and Brooklyn Belle for my first scene. And once I saw Lacy working, she’s just amazing at porn, I got super into it. It was a fun acting thing for me.  I wasn’t so much turned on as I was excited and enjoyed being in front of the cameras because I’m a natural performer…Porn has been my saving grace in terms of jobs. I’m not too great at holding conventional jobs. With porn, it’s so much easier to have an open schedule and work when I want. And it’s fun. [Without porn] I’d probably be unemployed right now [laughs]”.

Hot ginger pornstar Amber Addis is credited in some of her earlier porn productions as ‘Amber Hayes’ and she has hosted many sensational live cam shows on Chaturbate as ‘’. When Amber Addis was asked about the origins of her sultry stage name ‘Amber Addis’ during , she divulged that;

“I chose Amber because of the red hair. I wanted something that would invoke redness and boldness. And then I chose ‘Addis’ because it started with the same letter so it was a little more smooth but also one of my high school teachers had that name. I always liked that name so I went for it”.

Amber Addis has continued to shoot a wealth of sizzling sex scenes for many popular porn networks. You’ll love viewing sexy rising starlet Amber Addis’ seductive solo scenes for AMKingdom in May 2019, her raunchy roleplay sex scene with Sean Lawless for Bang! Yngr in July 2019 and her steamy and solo scenes that were both released via Karups Hometown Amateurs in July 2019. As the scene description for hotly hints;

Cute, redheaded college girl Amber Addis was humored when she found out the guy next door likes to watch her through the window. She decided to give him what he wanted by pulling her shirt up and showing her small, perky tits while she stood in front of the window. Moving to her bed, she stripped off her shorts and panties then got on all fours, put her sweet ass in the air, and rubbed her shaved pussy from behind. She knew he was watching it all and that just turned her on and made her want to really put on a show, so the hottie rolled onto her back and rubbed her clit faster and faster. She writhed around on the bed, lost in the ecstasy of rubbing her wet pussy, until her hips started to grind, her nipples got hard, and she came so hard her toes curled and her entire body shook. Her neighbor got one hell of a hot show and she got to cum her brains out!”.

Amber Addis has since filmed an immersive POV sex scene for Hot Crazy Mess in August 2019, she shot a saucy scene with Ryan Madison for 5K Porn/5K Teens in November 2019 and she starred in some sensational and solo scenes which were both uploaded via Naughty Mag and 18eighteen in January and February 2020. What’s more, popular redhead pornstar Amber Addis has treated her fans to a series of sensual , , and solo sex scenes that were all promoted via Nubiles throughout March 2020. Amber Addis enjoys performing in porn and she intends to utilize her content in order to leave a positive impact on the younger women who watch her porn. As Amber Addis conveyed during ;

“What I’m more interested in, is leaving a positive impact on the younger women who watch my porn. I think that porn stars definitely impacted the way I viewed sex as a child and the way I felt about my body so I got really passionate about it and into it because I want to leave more of a positive impact on the young women and display all the different kinds of sex with my own content”.

Amber Addis : Popular Porn Productions

Many of Amber Addis’ most popular porn productions have been those that she has filmed for Team Skeet. As a matter of fact, hot all natural pornstar Amber Addis has appeared on several of Team Skeet’s most popular web channels. You have to check out Amber Addis’ steamy scene with JMac for Exxxtra Small in July 2019 and her sensual scene with JMac which was released via Ginger Patch in August 2019 with the tantalizing description;

Precious, pale, and pretty Amber Addis may be a smokin’ hot ginger, but that does not mean she cannot have some fun in the sun! She loves being out by the pool so much that she peels her entire bikini off to feel the warmth of the sun all over her body. Her vibrant red hair shines brightly in the rays, and she basks in the beautiful summer day. All while her pussy gets wetter than the pool itself! When our stud comes by to check out the ginger goddess, he guides her inside for a steaming bang sesh. He sidles up behind her and penetrates her young pussy, fucking her as her eyes roll back in her head. The pleasure fills her vag up and she orgasms over and over on his dong. And just when she thinks it cannot get any raunchier, he shoots a creamy load of jizz all over her chin. Amber’s pool day just got that much hotter!”.

We also recommend watching sexy teen pornstar Amber Addis’ terrific threeway porn scene with hot blonde MILF Rachael Cavalli and Codey Steele that was unveiled via Bad MILFs in September 2019 as well as her raunchy romp with Eric John which was uploaded via Team Skeet’s Ginger Patch web channel in November 2019. When Amber Addis was asked about her favorite sexual positions, submissive/dominant preferences and personal turn-ons during , she saucily stated that;

I like reverse cowgirl when you pull your knees up to your chest and the guy underneath you will push you up and fuck you. That’s a really fun position for me…I would definitely say I really like to be teased in general. That’s really, really fun and really hot for me. I like to be restricted in terms of being bound up or being choked. Just that feeling of having pressure on my body is really comforting but also turns me on…I’m actually a switch. I’m more submissive with women than I am with men…I’ve kind of partially lived out the lesbian bondage stuff but I only did clips of that. I’d love to do a full scene. Definitely, working with trans women. That would be very fun and very cool”.

When she isn’t shooting these spectacular sex scenes, popular petite pornstar Amber Addis enjoys chatting with her fans on social media and creating exclusive videos for her official OnlyFans account. In her spare time, Amber Addis also enjoys reading, listening to music, watching TV and learning more about the adult industry. As Amber Addis mentioned in ;

“I like to read a lot. I watch a lot of TV. I do a lot of market research in terms of porn and what sells best. I do a lot of research on how other girls market themselves. I practice stuff for work and research my work because I love my job so much…I like just about everything. Lately, I’ve been really into punk music and rock music. I had a 50s and 60s phase a couple of months ago”.

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